Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Following the Announcement

I got up extra early on Monday morning and quickly did the laundry before LV stopped by. We needed to go get our marriage license and then do a little shopping for thank you gifts for every one that would be helping at our wedding.

Arriving at the courthouse we found our way to a crummy little room filled with filing cabinets, where there was a lady sitting behind a desk strewn with papers. She didn't seem enthused or happy for us that we were getting married and simply barked out the questions she needed to ask and then shoved a piece of paper toward us to sign. She then told us our marriage license should arrive within a week. Eyeing her desk I felt rather doubtful that she would be capable of keeping track of everything and get it to us in time for the wedding.

Leaving the courthouse we went to a near by store to see what we could find. Our church rules made it rather difficult to find something that I liked. We finally settled on a pretty oil lamp for all the girls that would be helping but it was even harder finding something for the boys.

It took all morning until we had taken care of everything. Arriving at home I was surprised to see Vernie at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I asked her where Mom and Daddy were and she informed me that Mom had broken her foot and Daddy took her to the doctor.

A broken foot wasn't something we had planned into our wedding preparations and I wondered how I was supposed to get everything done in time since she couldn't help like she would have otherwise.

I fixed a little something for our lunch and we sat at the table to eat while Vernie continued washing dishes. She was singing in her joyful toneless manner when suddenly she walked over to LV. Holding the dish cloth in one hand she peered at him and asked earnestly. "You will take good care of my little Mary Ann, won't you?"

LV assured her he would be taking the best of care of me. Turning to me she said, "And you be sure to cook good food for him." I assured her I would do my best. Satisfied she went back to doing the dishes. I felt like laughing and crying. She was so sweet and it would seem different not being able to see her everyday.


  1. That is so sweet. I'm sure you miss her a lot. I remember buying gifts for the wedding party and forgot two people - AWKWARD! The big day is getting closer... ♥

  2. Aww so many mixed emotions come along with planning a wedding doesn't it? One minute you're excited for the future and the next missing the past. Another great post. Blessings, Joanne

  3. A wedding is an emotional time. Vernie was sweet to care so much for both of you.

  4. Nothing like those precious Aunts! Enjoying your memories, I finally got caught up.
    until next time... nel

  5. How lovely Vernie was :) The lady that handled your wedding certificate reminds me of the lady that handled my husband's and mine! Not too friendly, but we had an election this past year and she ran for the position...she got very nice there for a while ;)


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