Thursday, January 27, 2011


After years of dreaming and planning Mom was finally going to get her new kitchen cupboards. The ones we had were old and the counter top an ugly bright orange. With a wedding on the way the entire house needed to be to be looking it's very best and the orange dilapidated counter top didn't fit the bill and had to go.

Mom and Daddy sat down one evening and drew up a blueprint of the new cupboards that they wanted. Daddy told Mom to add all the things she had seen and liked over the years. Since we would build it ourselves she could have it how ever she liked.

John got right to work the following day. It would take some time to build it since it was huge and covered two walls in the kitchen.

While he was busy making kitchen cabinets Mom and I were busy giving every room in the house a fresh coat of paint. It was starting to seem like a ridiculous amount of work to get ready for one day. I felt pretty confident no one would notice if the pantry didn't get a fresh coat of paint.

In the middle of all this painting Aunt Vernie came running over to the house calling for Mom and Daddy. She was clearly disturbed by something and could hardly get her words out but we grasped that something was wrong with Grandpa.

Mom and Daddy went over to their house right away and discovered that Grandpa had a stroke and needed to get to the hospital right away. I felt my heart drop, and hoped with everything within me that Grandpa would be okay. He had been really looking forward to the wedding and I really wanted him to be there. Somehow I didn't want to think of getting married without Grandpa there to give his blessing even though I knew he approved of LV and wanted only the best for us.


  1. Oh I can understand those fears! My grandpa had surgery about a year before I was married, he had both legs amputated at the knee... He made it to my wedding, but he passed about six months later. I was so glad he was there though! I can't wait to hear how yours was! :)

  2. You do leave us waiting anxiously for the next instalment!

  3. My Grandpa Zeigler died when I was 12. I didn't get to meet my Grandpa Rice b/c he died when my Dad was 24. When my Grandma Zeigler passed a little under 2 years ago, I was thankful that she was able to be at my wedding a couple years before. But I felt/feel sorry for my Sister, who was the baby grandchild. Grandma won't be there for her wedding. I hope your Grandpa made it! I still wish Grandma could be there to see Sis marry and hold our children.

  4. Just when everything was going so well, I hate to learn that Grandpa is sick. I hope he recovered and was able to attend the wedding.

  5. Oh no. I hope he was ok. Its hard to miss someone at such an important time of your life. My Dad died and when I got married I thought of him and felt a hole in my heart because he wasn't there. Blessings, Joanne

  6. Another cliff hanger ... and I feel like I'm right there with you. Like we're sisters or something ... and I am a little too old to be your sister ... I suppose I could be your OLDEST one, but ... I can pretend :-)

    Sure hope your Grandpa recovers quickly ... it will be a sad chapter if it is not so. It's at these times we experience our faith at work, and God's grace, too.

    Painting the pantry LOL!!!! Been there ... somebody else did it, though!


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