Friday, September 17, 2010

When Daddy's Away

We had an oversized wagon that we used to transport some of the bigger pieces of furniture from one shop building to the next and to customer vehicles. We always thought it would be fun to try riding it but the only place where we could, would be the road and we didn't think that would be a good idea.

However when Mom and Daddy had to leave on a business trip and left us in charge of things at home we hurried with all our work so we could have the rest of the day to do what ever we wanted to. At noon John and David decided they would take the wagon and take it up the road a little ways to the top of the hill and coast down the road. Since it was down hill for the next three miles the decision was made that one of them would ride on the wagon and the other one would take the tractor and drive behind him. That way when they reached the bottom of the hill they wouldn't have to pull the wagon home for several miles.

David got to have the first ride with John driving the tractor behind him. The wagon started picking up speed fast and before long John couldn't even keep up with the tractor. As David kept going faster and faster he realized there was no way he could slow down and there was a car in front of him that he was catching up with. Not wanting to pass it he took his only other option and turned off the road into a field where he was finally able to come to a stop. He sat on the wagon and waited till John came. After tying the wagon to the back of the tractor they headed home.

Needless to say everyone found something much more productive to do with the rest of day.


  1. I just love your stories and rememberances!! Thanks for sharing! It thought I was already following but discovered I was not. So as of today, I am following and thank you for your visit to my site. HUGS, Kerrie

  2. So, I take it your dad didn't find any damage on the wagon and no one got hurt? What an adventure!! Where were you when all this was going on?

    I so love your stories...

  3. I love your stories too...takes me back in time when I was young and life was totally different.

    I lived in the country too and we found all sorts of ways to entertain ourselves. All the boys rode tractors at 12 or so because they had to help their dads in the fields...I still can smell the hay!

  4. What a great story. My husband and I both laughed so much...remembering when we were young. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Were there any damages?
    Did Mom and Daddy find out?

  6. Re Michelle: Thankfully there was no damage. And Mom and Daddy didn't find out about it till later.


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