Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It seemed that no matter how busy we were Mom and Daddy always kept there eyes open for other ways to make extra money.

After seeing an ad in our local paper from someone that needed people to make hair bows for them promising a potential of making a nice sum of money. I thought it would be interesting to try and after showing the ad to Mom and Daddy we sent for more information. It wasn't long before we received a letter in the mail with instructions how to make a hair bow and also an offer to buy a hair bow, all the materials it would take to make one, and secret tips to make it a little easier to make. All for only thirty dollars.

We bought tulle, ribbon, and the tiny beads and tried to make a hair bow with only the instructions but weren't successful. After multiple attempts we decided to go ahead and order the hair bow so we can inspect it and hopefully be able to make one too.

Once the hair bow arrived I felt a thrill at how very lovely it was and couldn't wait to try making one. That evening we followed the new detailed instructions. After following everything carefully we were still unable to make it. I vowed that I would try making a hair bow when ever I had a spare moment.

Day after day I would painstakingly work on trying to make a hair bow. Day after day I would think I'm finally going to get it done only to have it jump up off the work surface in a pile of snarls. After a month or so of trying we finally had to admit defeat and tucked the thirty dollar hair bow away. We could never use it but after paying that much for a single hair bow there was no way we wanted to throw it away.

It is still tucked away in my Mom's sewing room. I think of it at times when I see ads for opportunities to make money fast.


  1. Meanwhile THEY made a nice little sum of money! That stinks. I know the Michael's by us has classes on learning how to make hair bows (and some of them are SOOO cute!) but they never had that when my girls were young enough to enjoy them. I'd love to try and put a bow on my daughter now - I think people would PAY to see that!! ha ha

  2. These advertisements are so naughty...promising something that you never get, while they do very well.
    It must have been so frustrating for you.

  3. Those are almost always scams. Even if you successfully manage to make whatever craft project, try sending it in for you pay and they will tell you it isn't good enough so they can't pay you for it.

    I'm a recent reader - I just spent the past weekend catching up and really enjoy your stories. I can't wait to read more.

  4. Oh, my, JC ~ those ads are really stinkers, profiting from the unsuspecting. How cute Mother still has the bow in her sewing drawer ... a gentle reminder, I am sure. Moments to remember.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. I'm sad to say I've jumped on those scam wagons a couple of times. The scammer is the only lucky duck makin' any moola. Too bad they always hit on us dreamers. :o)

    I love the fact that Mama didn't throw the bow away.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic day!!!


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