Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Wedding

My friend Elizabeth was getting married and asked me to be a table waiter at their noon reception. I happily agreed and secretly looked forward to the evening when the boys and girls paired up. Several months had passed since LV and I had started our courtship and so far we had been able to keep it a secret. Appearing together at the wedding would let everyone else know we were a couple.

The morning of the wedding arrived. It was a beautiful fall day. The trees looked gorgeous decked out in their brilliant red, orange, and gold. Everything was covered in a heavy frost. Since the wedding was in one of the other church districts we had to start for church early. As LV and I rode to church I tried to soak in the beauty of the day and the happy feeling of sitting next to someone who made me feel so special. I didn't want to forget any of it.

Once we got to the church house I went inside to the little room where the rest of the the table waiters and others that were included in the wedding party were waiting for their cue to enter the main room. Church services passed as usual and immediately after they said their vows the table waiters left to go get everything ready by the time guests started arriving at the reception.

I was in charge of a room right next to where the bridal party was sitting. throughout the day I couldn't help but notice how very happy Elizabeth looked and a little thrill went through me as I thought that someday that could be LV and me.

When evening came and all the youth arrived it was time for for the boys to choose which girl he would escort to the table. But first all the couples would go stand next to each other where they could then watch everyone else pair up. One by one the boys would come to the door where the girls were waiting and their girlfriend would go join them. When LV came to the door and I went to join him I was acutely aware of everyone whispering to each other as they discovered that there was a new couple in their midst. I could feel my cheeks getting too warm and knew that I was blushing. I did not want to look embarrassed and the more I tried to appear calm and happy the hotter my face felt.

Once everyone was paired up and we were told where to sit LV and I found ourselves sitting directly opposite from the bride and groom. As the evening progressed I was able to relax and enjoy it until I started getting the urge to sneeze. I managed to keep from sneezing but my suddenly runny nose wasn't as co-operative. I was glad when the meal was over and we were ready to go home. Unfortunately what should have been a very pleasant ride together I spent the majority of the time wiping my nose and trying to squelch my sneezing. I wrapped my shawl closer around me as I shivered all the way home. LV didn't seem to mind being next to me even though it was obvious that I was getting sick, and offered to let me wear his suit coat and gave a handkerchief for me to use.


  1. That is so cute - those first feelings when we're with our "someone special" are so vivid. Hopefully you didn't sneeze all over LV's coat! :)

  2. Precious warm memories of that 'first' in your life ... you lift me, every time I come here ... thank you for this.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. The excitement grows, even through sneezes and a runny nose!

  4. Oh, I remember my first.....I married him! :> )


  5. Very lovely story. I look forward to hearing about the wedding this one foreshadows....

    I have a question... do you think it really was a surprise to people that you and LV were a couple? In my experience, people usually heard about such things, even before the actual "discovery." Maybe your community was less gossipy then the one I came from.

    I really love your style of storytelling/writing. I look forward to reading your book someday.

  6. Thank you so much for these beautiful memories of your life as Amish. I will look forward to following your blog to see what's next!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi!"


  7. Re Saloma: Since the Amish in Somerset County only dated on the boys inbetween Sunday (there was no singing on inbetween Sundays) which for LV and I was the same Sunday. He was able to walk through the woods to our house without anyone seeing. So yes, everyone was surprised because we had been able to keep it a secret.

    I'm sure by the next morning almost everyone in Somerset County knew because they definitely had their share and more of being "gossipy"

  8. My cheeks got warm just reading about you getting up to meet LV at the door. The grapevine was surely alive and chattering the next morning. :-)

  9. I have enjoyed my visit here! I hope to spend some time looking around, as I enjoy all things Amish. I look forward to reading your story!

    In response to your question about our nature trip (boring a hole into a tree), I have made another post and included pictures to better explain. :)

  10. Oh. How. Sweet. You sure know how to tell a story!


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