Monday, January 11, 2021


 Reading ... in the Bible I'm making my way through Genesis. I'm also throwing in a few chapters of Psalms and something from the New Testament every week instead of only reading the Old Testament for weeks on end.

In fiction I'm attempting to enjoy a children's book by Edith Nesbit called Five Children and It. So far it does not strike me as a book that will become a favorite. It has giant paragraphs that often take up an entire page or more, and fail at capturing my attention for anything other than their sheer size. I'll continue reading for a chapter or two yet, but the prospect of abandoning it is becoming more and more tempting.

In non fiction I'm loving a few holiday cookbooks. 

Watching ... a nature show all about plants and wildlife from South Africa. It's stunningly beautiful, and the narrator's voice is the best. I think I could listen to him talk about anything and enjoy it simply because of his voice.

Listening ... to the sound of Steven's rock tumbler/polisher. He loves rocks and for Christmas we thought he would enjoy getting to polish his own rocks. What we didn't realize, it takes 30 days to do a small batch of rocks. And that the tumbler is loud.

I'd like to say I'm getting used to the sound, but even though we have passed the half way point, I'm still not enjoying the noise. It's basically all you can hear. Washing machine, dryer, and noisy furnace all fade away. Who knows if they're even running somewhere behind the noise of the tumbler?

Wearing ... a brown dress. It's one of my favorite dresses I have. I still really like brown, though this one isn't loved as much as the first brown dress I had as a young girl.

Baking ... most recently, cookies. Since Kenneth got married cookies last a long time at our house and were getting stale before we got them eaten. We have now started to make a batch of dough, baking a dozen cookies, and then freezing the rest of the dough until we're ready for more. It works well

Cooking ... tonight's dinner will consist of potatoes, salad, and burgers made with our new favorite recipe. For dessert, instead of something baked we'll be splitting two oranges among those of us who enjoy them.

Playing ... we've been playing Fruit Punch quite often these past few days. And when there's time for a longer game Steven's go to has been Life on the Farm. It's one of our oldest games, and one we all enjoy. 

Wishing ... change was more comfortable. I'm not a big fan of changes even though I know I'll be glad those changes were made.

Crafting ... various paper crafts with Steven, mostly found on Pinterest.

Cleaning ... today we're finally taking the tree down, cleaning and packing away the ornaments, and getting things back to their pre-Christmas state. This is the longest we've ever kept our tree up.

Disliking ... how our big beautiful pine trees beside our house appear to have contracted whatever disease is afflicting and killing pine trees though out our area. It almost hurts just looking at them and seeing how more and more of their branches are losing their needles. 

Loving ... a darling little teapot I use everyday. I love it so much I think it deserves its own blog post some day soon.


  1. Haven't the pine trees in your area fallen victim to the typesetter beetle (and its eating-to-kill-family)?
    I have seen it here in The Netherlands but also in Cech Republic and Bavaria in Germany.
    So sad... a horrifying sight. They are unstoppable.

    1. I meant 'Ips Typographus'. this is its Latin name.

  2. I have been enjoying writing out some of the Psalms in my prayer book and illustrating some pages. I would love to see your teapot.

  3. We have the same issue with cookies so I've been making dough and freezing it in batches for the last year or so. It works well for us. I always enjoy these posts of yours. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. We had bag worms on our tree some years back. They would strip the needles to use as they're cocoons. They almost looked like small pinecones.

  5. Sounds like your days are full and interesting .

  6. Shame you aren't enjoying "Five Children And It" - it's a good story, but her writing style is rather long-winded.

    I don't envy you with the noise of the rock tumbler, but I'm sure Steven is very happy.

    I just make smaller batches of cookies; just adjust the ingredients to make it make smaller batches. But, hey, if your way is working for you, go with it.

    Such a shame about the trees. Hope you don't lose them all to whatever it is.

  7. We have a rock tumbler also. We either put it out on the porch or in the garage - somewhere dry & safe, but not so noisy. We moved and its packed up somewhere in all those boxes!!


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