Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Year of Pie

     One of my goals for the year 2020 had been making 52 different kinds of pie. I'm happy to report that I successfully completed that challenge with a few extra kinds thrown in for good measure.

    Other than our family favorites I really liked all the variations of cheesecake pie. The Grape Crumb pie is one I'll be making again, as well as most of the savory pies

    I would not recommend anyone ever make the Poppy Seed Pie. It was far from tasty. The texture didn't help any. It was a gelatinous, crunchy, slimy, sweet, yet earthy mess. None of us were able to take more than a bite. 

    A few others weren't a hit either. The Apple Butter Pie I had high hopes for but it ended up being a disappointment. The Mystery Pie might have been okay, but halfway through they figured out what the mystery ingredient was and promptly stopped eating it.

    Over all it was a success. I still have pie I want to try someday, but for now I'm glad to be done with this challenge and focus mostly on family favorites for a while. 

    Here's a picture of the list of 52 pie I made this year.


  1. Do tell us what was in the Mystery pie, please!

  2. Good for you to achieve that goal.

  3. That is really impressive. I didn't know that many kinds of pie existed!
    Happy New Year Mary Ann.

  4. Mystery and Belly Button aren't too tempting! Wonderful achievement! Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations on managing to complete your pie challenge.

  6. What an achievement! But please tell us what is in the mystery pie!

  7. Could you please tell us what are the Mystery and Belly Button pies? I tried to look up the latter online but typing those three words into the search bar got me very different results than food, yikes!

    You created a wide variety- so many sound delicious and I was grateful you posted the recipe for the Bob Andy pie.

    Happy New Year to you and thank you for creating such a good blog.


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