Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Awakening Memories

     As I was reorganizing the store room yesterday, I came across some of my old notebooks. One of them had been filled with songs I enjoyed singing during my teenage years. Songs I didn't want to forget. 
    I paged through it, most of the songs I haven't thought about in years, but seeing them I was pleased to remember how to sing them. 
    I kept paging through and found one of my all time favorites from those years, and it brought back a memory.

    We were sitting in church listening to the new bishop preach. In his sermon he was telling us how once we die our entire life will play back for us and we will be able to see and hear every little thing we ever did or said.
    I assume he wanted to stress the importance of making good choices and not doing or saying things we would regret, but that wasn't what I was pondering.
    I tuned the rest of the sermon out as I thrilled at the prospect of being able to someday watch my life be replayed. I knew what I was going to do. At every chance I had I would sing my favorite songs. I would make my end of life play back filled with my favorite things to be enjoyed one last time.
    And so I sang, and sang, and sang some more. Every day got at least several run throughs of my favorite song and then what ever other songs I felt like singing.
    I might not have been allowed to listen to music, but I was determined to have my playback filled with songs.


  1. What a great memory. To fill your life with singing would be wonderful.

  2. That is a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing. i often wake up with a Gospel song on my mind.I'm not a great singer, but I do love to sing.

  3. I like your take on it. I would have been cringing. Oh no, I have to watch it all? 😂


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