Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Missing Keys

     I don't function the best when I get only a little over four hours of sleep in a night.
     The latest reason for my loss of sleep started when we were getting ready for bed, at a reasonable hour, but first had to run out to the vehicle to retrieve something. It was at that moment when the discovery was made that the car keys were not in the purse where they should be.
     No need to panic though, they should be nearby. But after a few minutes of searching with no keys being found, it was time for the rest of the family to step in and help search.

     The purse was emptied of all its contents: a wallet, coin purse, receipts, a small bag of Butterfinger bites, and various other things that seem to end up in a big purse. The keys weren't there.
     The trash can was carefully emptied, piece by piece, into Walmart bags, but no keys.
     The ground under the porch steps was searched. The big beautiful rhododendron bush that grows around the porch steps seemed a lot less beautiful in the freezing cold darkness, It made it quite difficult to get under the stairs to see if the keys accidentally fell there on the way inside earlier in the day.
     The couches were moved forward, the cushions removed, and then relieved of the pens and other things that had been hiding underneath.
     Drawers were rummaged through and put back in order, but the keys remained missing.
     Time kept ticking by, the good will of all involved was starting to become less good, and the owner of said keys was beginning to panic.
     The purse was searched again and for some reason we looked inside the bag of Butterfinger bites, and there they were. They had been in that purse the entire two plus hours we spent looking for them.
     We went to bed in a mix of disgruntled relief. Morning came long before I was ready. That is the story behind the sleepy fog I'm wading through now.


  1. I have done something similar and it's so frustrating. I haven't been sleeping well at all because of a nasty case of bronchitis. It's so frustrating and 5-6 hours of sleep a night are not enough for me to funtion well.
    I'm glad you found the keys in the end though.

  2. Glad you found the keys. Hope you can catch up on those missed hours of sleep.

  3. I only got about 4 hours sleep last night due to going grocery shopping and running errands with husband. Once home, I needed to unwind before I went to sleep

  4. Been there, done that. I'm glad you finally found them.

    When I was "between husbands" I dated a police officer who told me to never, ever put my car keys in my purse. If somebody grabs your pocket book, they have your home address *and* your keys. Drop them in your pocket, ask one of your children to hold them, but not in your purse. Of course, then you need a regular place to keep them at home, but that's another problem.

  5. Glad you found them, though I know that must have been frustrating, especially since it cost you sleep time too.

  6. I once left my keys in the freezer (I was in a rush and was putting up a big load of groceries.) Fortunately, they were at the front of the freezer, and I noticed them a few hours later when I had to fetch something. I hadn't even realized they were missing.

  7. I lost my keys while camping this summer. We searched everywhere... several times. We ordered a new vehicle key and several weeks later my husband was winterizing the camper and found them in the kitchen sink. Apparently they had fallen from their hook over the sink and I had put the sink cover on without noticing!


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