Friday, December 13, 2019

Listening to Music - Then vs. Now

     Growing up, singing was our only acceptable form of music. Even though we sang, a LOT, there was something in me that craved music.
     Visiting stores in town was great since they always had music playing. Getting to town, most of the time involved having to hire a driver to take you there. They always had Country music playing, and I soaked it up, thankful for every red light we had to stop at, or slow school bus we had to follow home. Anything to prolong the opportunity to listen to music.
      I still love music, but I can happily drive without the radio turned on. My taste in music has changed as well, and unless it's one of my favorite songs from my teen years, I can't make myself listen to Country music.
      Yesterday we were out and about, and when it was time to go home one of Sharon's friends decided to come with us.
      We got in our vehicle and as I turned the key to start it, the radio started playing. I turned the volume down a bit (so I can better listen to the girl's fun conversation). For some reason that took me back to when I was eighteen years old.
     My parents had sent me to do some errands. The driver had his radio tuned to the local Country station. He chatted as he drove along, and I tried my best to keep up with his conversation while at the same time soaking up the music.
     When we got to town he announced he has an errand to run as well, and pulled in to a store. Before going in he showed me how to adjust the volume on the radio. He exited the vehicle with the radio turned up loud.
      Being the good little Amish girl I was, there was no way I was going to touch the knob to adjust the volume, but I sat there reveling in the music that enveloped me.
      Song after song played as the driver took his time in completing his errand.
      When he finally exited the building and made his way across the parking lot I could see his agitation build as he marched faster and faster toward his truck. He yanked the drivers door open, reached in, and turned down the music so that you could barely hear it. The remainder of the way home he was quiet as well. I was sad I couldn't listen to the music on the way home, but that time of uninterrupted listening had made this silent trip worth it.
     Those thirty some minutes of listening to music at that volume earned me a visit from the bishop. I told him I hadn't touched the radio, and left it at the volume the driver had it when he adjusted it to show me how to operate it. My explanation seemed to satisfy him and I was relieved to not have to make a confession in church.
     Now since I no longer fear visits from the bishop, if you'll excuse me, I'll go turn on some Christmas music to listen to as I do the morning chores.


  1. How sad that the driver didn't remember leaving it at that volume and so you got into trouble. I am happy the bishop believed you though.
    I adore music, although I confess I don't like rap or opera very much. I also don't like the lyrics to some songs. When I was 14 through age 18, I sang Handel's Messiah with the symphony chorus each Christmas with my Mom. She was an alto and I sang high soprano at the time. Now, I'm an alto and she passed when I was 29. I look back and cherish those days of singing and practicing at home together.
    Music takes me back to so many different times in my life. A song can make me relive moments that happened 50 years ago! And Christmas music is some of my favorites, although I have to say, the old hymns are my absolute favorite of all.

  2. I love music, but am quite picky as to what I listen to at home. I grew up in a home that listened to the old country music. I didn't like it then and I still don't.Nothing wrong if someone else likes it, I just have unpleasant memories from way back. I now listen to Southern Gospel. Love that style of music.

  3. We were lucky that our three girls much preferred country music to rock. I prefer classical music, such as Vivaldi or Mozart. My parents liked Big Band songs - Glenn Miller, and the like.

  4. I love Christmas music. Actually, I enjoy a lot of different music, but country is a favourite genre of mine, and I always look forward to December so I can listen to Christmas music without complaints from most people.

    Sorry the driver was annoyed about the volume, despite the fact it was him who left it that loud in the first place. But glad the time to listen made it worthwhile for you.

  5. Sad that the driver thought that you had adjusted the volume, when he was the guilty one. I list to many types of music and I am thankful that no one complains what I listen to. I love Christmas and southern gospel!

  6. I like country but wished today's country didn't have every other song talk about drinking alcohol. But the melodies and rhythm and tone of voices in country music speak to me. We enjoy classical, christmas music and smooth jazz. Saxaphones and piano and violin are all instrumental music we like. As for your story. It's terrible you almost got in trouble for something you didn't do but at the same time I am glad the experience solidified in your memory as a happy one because of music. We are blessed to have music in our lives and I am happy you get to enjoy music how and when you want :)

  7. I also enjoy music. Sometimes loud and sometimes soft. I even like quiet so I can read. I hope your Christmas was blessed!

  8. My husband was a rocker, I'm country all the way.


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