Monday, November 4, 2019

In Which I Trample Toes

     Saturday morning dawned with a heavy frost covering everything outside.
     Both girls and Steven were sick which meant I wouldn't have my usual helpers with the Saturday cleaning.
      I had to run in to the bank before it closed at noon. I decided to arrive just as it opened so my day would remain on a more comfortable schedule.
     I arrived a few minutes after 9:00, but they were still closed. And then I noticed their clock stated it was only 8:00 AM and 22 degrees. Somehow they decided to make the time change early.
      Several other disgruntled people stood there trying to decide what they were going to do.
     I didn't want to drive the twenty plus minutes home and then back, but what to do with an hour of time?
     I went to Sheetz to get a hot drink to help me stay warm during my wait. I paid for it and as I turned to leave the checkout I accidently trampled on the toes of the person who had been standing much closer to me than I had realized.
     I apologized, and scurried back out to my vehicle.
     It was late before I got home to all the work that had patiently waited my return. 
     And that's how my Saturday was not at all how I had planned, but a bit more interesting than anticipated.


  1. One Sunday about thirty years ago a fellow turned up at our church looking a bit lost. He was new in the area and had gone to several other churches in the area looking for the 11:00 service, but everybody was closed. Our service starts at 10:00, so we welcomed him in and helped him navigate the Book of Common Prayer. As it turned out, he'd forgotten about Daylight Savings Time, and was way too early for services everywhere else.

    He's been here ever since, and still refers to DST as "Mac's Sunday".

  2. How unfortunate that the bank decided to enforce the time change a day early.
    I hope by now your children are well ( and that you didn't catch their bugs).

  3. Oh my! I hope that the children are feeling much better and the grown-ups didn't succumb to the illness. Sorry about your Saturday snafu. Why in the world would they change the clocks a day early? I think someone messed up. :-)

  4. That's the kind of day that could easily cause a person to become upset. Hope you still had a good day.

  5. That's unfortunate, but I'm glad you didn't let it upset you.

    Hope the children are well by now, or get well soon, and you don't catch whatever they have.


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