Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday Medley

1. National Pie Day is celebrated annually on January 23rd. (Not to be confused with March 14 which is PI π Day.) Okay, fess up. Tell us your top three favorite pies, please. Will you have some pie today?

My top three favorite pies are cherry, pumpkin, and pecan with actual pecans or switched out for rice krispies which is still fabulous, but those with nut allergies can enjoy it as well.

I will most likely have pie today. I cleaned and organized our freezer yesterday and decided it's time to use the berries we picked last summer. That means time to bake some pie.

Pie is probably my favorite dessert, but only if they are homemade.

2. While we are talking about food ... are you a picky eater or are you ready to try almost any new food? What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

I'm not a picky eater, though there are a few items on the food list that I won't touch. For example ... black eggs, caviar, balut, and I'm sure a few other things as well. In the realm of actual food I'm open to try almost anything.

Oatmeal though ... I just can't. I grew up having it for breakfast every single morning. I didn't enjoy it then, but my aversion to it only intensifies the older I get.

The worst thing I ever tried eating was octopus. It was very similar to trying to eat a spicy rubber band. I'm guessing that had something to do with preparation though, and I would be willing to give it another chance.

3. Baking could be considered an art, as could cooking. How do you define art?

The possibilities when it comes to art are nearly endless. To me it can be anything someone enjoyed creating.

4. Tell us a really stupid joke that made you laugh, please.

I dreamed I was a muffler last night. I woke up exhausted.

5. January 23rd is also National Handwriting Day. Do you have nice handwriting? Did cursive writing come naturally or did you practice in those double lined practice books until your fingers hurt?

I've been told I have nice handwriting, but I want to get better at it.

I was introduced to cursive in second grade and we used to have to practice it as our first thing every morning in school. In seventh and eighth grade I had a teacher who demanded perfection in penmanship. Her red pen marked up my handwriting every single day, though I did my best. At the time she annoyed me, but it was during that time I made the most improvement in my handwriting.

We used the double lined paper in first and second grade, but switched to this green lined paper from third grade to graduation.

6. Tell us something random about your week.

I've been limping when ever I walk ever since I got up this morning, because the ankle I broke 20+ years ago is hurting a LOT! I'm guessing there's some interesting weather on its way.


  1. Well, I'm with you on the octopus! Rubber bands describe them exactly. I do like oatmeal, though. I'm battling - and loosing - a bad sore throat this week, and oatmeal is my ultimate comfort food.

  2. I remember that double lined paper well. Love your joke. Enjoy your week.

  3. Oh yeah...I forgot all about pumpkin pie!Even though I love it, I never have it except around the holidays but I can eat berry or fruit pie any day of the week...pie is most definitely my favorite dessert! And I like oatmeal too. :)

  4. Rice krispies instead of pecans! That is ingenious and I will have to try it. I do like oatmeal and would you believe I love octopus? Of course I’ve only had it a few times, in Tokyo from the same street vendor each time. I was surprised how much I liked it.
    Your paper brings back many memories. How I loved writing on that green line paper in school! Enjoy your pie today. Blessings, Betsy

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog, and your daughter's, and also the Lily series. Today's post surprised me because you mentioned balut -how do you know about balut? Ann

  6. That's a grand idea about substituting Rice Krispies for pecans! I'm still beating myself up over having lost my mom's pecan pie recipe. All's I can recall were light and dark Karo syrups + shredded coconut. Dare I try and recreate it on the fly?

  7. Love the idea of substituting rice krispies for pecans even though I do not have nut allergies. Bet it would be really crunchy. I want a piece right now. :o)) Loved the joke!

  8. My hip has been hurting because of the weather! I work with a lady that was a dancer in her younger years and her ankle have been hurting also! Feel better! I enjoyed your answers! Happy Wednesday!

  9. Oh, I am not a big oatmeal fan, either. I only like the instant maple and brown sugar and it has to be just the right consistency or I will gag on it.
    My mom describes clams the same way you do octopus.
    My aches and pains let me know the rain was coming today, too.

  10. Sorry your ankle hurts because of the weather! Hope the pain subsides for you! Thanks for joining the Medley today!!

  11. Oatmeal pie is very similar to pecan, much cheaper, allergy free and every bit as delicious. Of course, that would depend on if you hate oatmeal in every form, or only in a hot cereal ;-)

  12. What are black eggs and balut? Never heard of either. Oatmeal is one of my favorites. As far as pie goes...Apple is my all time favorite, then strawberry. Those are the only fruit pies I eat. Coconut creme, banana creme, and chocolate creme pies round out my pie selection. Have a wonderful day and God bless. 😊🥧

  13. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I love cherry, sweet potato and pecan pies!

  14. Interesting read...I love homemade pies...well, i love the homemade crust! Love apple and pecan cherry pie, too.

  15. We love pie at our house too - apple in particular! Yum!

    My children were trading puns yesterday - they have a teacher at school that collects them in a little notebook. I will have to pass on yours!

    Hope your ankle is feeling better soon,


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