Monday, January 14, 2019

My Day in Moments

I decided to do a little something different today and have a running diary of sorts about my day. I'll update this post thoughout the day with the latest bits and pieces that happened.

4:30 AM My alarm clock jangled annoyingly loud and I shut it off and got up. I went through my normal morning routine, and feeling fresh and ready for my day I filled a pot with water and set it on the stove for LV's coffee. While it heated I sat down to read my Bible.

5:25 AM I logged into Facebook to wish those celebrating a birthday today a happy birthday. I then did a quick scroll through the feed to see what my friends have chosen to share.

5:35 AM  It's time to get breakfast. I heated the skillet and opened the fridge to retrieve the eggs I needed. They were buried under yesterday's leftovers so I make a quick mental note what I want to make for lunch with them today. With the eggs beginning to sizzle in the skillet I turn off the heat and covered the skillet and head upstairs to wake LV. Breakfast was a quiet affair as the eggs, cold cereal, and coffee were consumed.

6:00 AM Kenneth said his good-bye, and I wished him a great day at work as he left. I sat down at our school table to write out all the school work assignments for the day in the girls' logbooks. It took a little longer than usual because I had to prepare the new workbooks first. Adding their names and the date to the covers, removing the tests and tucking them away to be used at the completion of the workbooks in three weeks.

6:30 AM LV left for work after we said our good-byes and I headed upstairs to wake the girls. I opened their bedroom door and flicked the light on. Sharon was in her bed, but Rosie Mae's bed was empty. I went downstairs and looked in the living room to see if she was there. There was no sign of her whereabouts as I dashed from room to room ... visions of the horror of what Elizabeth Smart lived through flitting through my mind. "Where's Rosie Mae?" I ask Sharon as soon as she stumbled sleepily down the stairs.
She shrugged her shoulders in an unconcerned manner.
"Please, help me look for her," I said, trying to keep the desperation from my voice.
Rosie Mae was found safely curled up in the storage room doing a Bible study, blissfully unaware of the scare she had given me.
"I woke up early this morning, and didn't want to wake Sharon by turning on the light." was her explanation. "Or disturb your morning routine," she added when I asked why she didn't simply bring her Bible downstairs to read.

7:00 AM We hurried through our morning chores of getting the house tidied. We got it all done except for vacuuming the floors which would have to wait until Steven woke up.

7:30 AM We settled in to get school work done. The girls with their books, and me with a recipe book until they had completed a subject or two so I could check their work.

9:00 AM Steven makes his way slowly down the stairs. "I've decided I'd like cheerios for breakfast," he says before taking care of his morning freshening up. I prepare breakfast for him, and set up his little table and chair to be ready to do school as soon as he is done eating.

10:30 AM The girls are done with their school work. Sharon quickly vacuums the living room and school room while Rosie Mae heads to the kitchen to make blueberry syrup. Steven finished his math and happily continued on to the subjects he likes better. I do some writing at the computer as I keep my eye on the his school work and make sure he understands what he's doing.

11:30 AM I cleared away all the school books for the day, fold up the little chair and table and tuck them in their slot beside the roll top desk. It's time to think of lunch. Chicken broth makes a nice carrier for leftover meats and vegetables and a new soup is born.

12:00 PM Lunch is ready. We filled our bowls and decided it might be fun to watch an old episode of "I Love Lucy" while we eat.

1:00 PM With the lunch dishes cleared away and the kitchen tidied up Steven and I decided to do a craft project that tied in with his geography. He helped me dig up all the craft supplies we needed and we proceeded to build a little globe. The felt continents we attached to it only somewhat resemble the actual shapes, but he's happy with how it turned out so I guess I am too.

2:00 PM Sharon prepared the fabric Minnesota state shape for her appliqued United States lap quilt she is working on. She asked me to baste it to the quilt top so she can applique it.

2:15 PM I opened my treadle sewing machine and did a thorough clean and maintenance on it since it had been resting patiently for months and I'm hoping to get some sewing done later this week.

3:30 PM Sharon and I left to do an errand in town and then headed to Napa to pick Kenneth up after he dropped his vehicle off to have an issue taken care of. While he was talking to the mechanics Sharon and I sat in the vehicle and visited as we waited on him.

5:00 PM We arrived home and hurried in through the snow and cold. Kenneth went to shovel snow from the front porch and steps so I can use those instead of having to go through the basement when I leave the house. Steven and I read another chapter from his reading book.

5:45 PM Sharon and I left to go to her piano lesson. I grabbed a book by Lori Copeland and tucked it into my purse on the way out of the house. The piano lesson went well, but for some reason I couldn't really concentrate on my book, so I stuffed it back into my purse and simply sat there with my thoughts until it was over.

6:45 PM Arrived home to supper ready and waiting on the table. Rosie Mae had done an excellent job making fancy burgers and all the trimmings.

7:15 PM Dishes were cleared away and the kitchen tidied. An hour of relaxing with books for those who wish to read, and a game with Steven before bedtime.

8:30 PM Teeth have been brushed, time for a bedtime story and saying good night to all.


  1. I've enjoyed reading your day so far. Sounds like the perfect stay at home kind of day.

    Isn't it amazing how fast our thoughts can turn to worse case scenario?! So glad Rosie Mae was safe somewhere reading her Bible and nothing bad was happening.

  2. I don't know if Sharon likes jokes, but her addition to her quilt reminded me of this one: In which US state do you get the smallest soft drinks? Mini-soda....

  3. I live in Minnesota and hope Sharon's quilt block turns out lovely! And T Shimel's Mini-Soda joke gave me a good laugh and my children tucked it away for school tomorrow....groan.

    Your day sounds lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I love the fact that you get up an hour ahead of your husband and two hours before he leaves for work. It gives you that time of solitude and quiet time with the Lord.

    And that Rosie thoughtful of her to not want to disturb her sister or you in order to have her quiet time.


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