Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Medley

For a number of years I used to participate in what was known as The Wednesday Hodgepodge, where its creator, Joyce, would provide a list of questions for us to answer. Sadly, she retired from that last fall, but happily a fellow hodgepodger has resurrected it on her blog. The name has been changed to Wednesday Medley, and I'm happy to participate once again.

1. Wednesday, January 16th, is National Do Nothing Day!! National Nothing Day was proposed in 1972 by columnist Harold Pullman Coffin. This day has been observed annually since 1973. Of course, the way to celebrate it is to do nothing!   To commemorate Do Nothing Day in SOME way, tell us something about your life (or the life of someone close to you) in 1973!! 

I wasn't alive in 1973, and my parents were only young teenagers. 1973 happened to be somewhat monumental for them though since that is the year they met.

My Dad used to love sharing the story of how they met. He and his family had just moved hundreds of miles to a new community several months prior. On this particular Sunday one of his friends had convinced him and one of  his sisters to visit one the neighboring Amish churches. After lunch he had wanted to talk to his sister about their plans for the afternoon, and he rounded the corner of the house just as my Mom stepped out on the porch to throw the dishwater away. He was left dripping from head to toe while she was absolutely horrified at what had just happened. Once he wiped the water from his eyes he saw her. He always liked to say it was love at first splash.

2.  Now that we are thinking back, please tell us what your favorite past time was as a child.

One of my favorite things to do as a child was losing myself in a good book. I would read when ever I had a chance, and at times when I should have been doing other things. 

3.  What is the best way to cheer you up on a bad day? 

The best way to lift my spirits is to start singing.

4.  How old were you when you first started dating? Do you remember your first date?

I had my first official date when I was seventeen, and yes I still remember it clearly. I ended up marrying him several years later.

5.  Today is also National Fig Newton day.  Do you like figs/Fig Newtons?

Yes, I like Fig Newtons. I hardly ever have them, but I enjoy them when ever we do. I love figs. Dried figs are delicious, fig jam is always a treat. So far I've never met a fig I didn't like.

6.  Tell us something random about your week.

Steven remembered this set of wooden shapes we have, and went searching for them. He's spent quite a bit of time creating various patterns with them.

I love technology free activities!


  1. I, too, have missed the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I enjoyed reading your answers today, especially about how your mom and dad met. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Betsy

  2. I love the dishwater story. It made me smile. I love fig newton. I have always wanted to make some homemade.

  3. Loved the story of how your parents met! And that you ended up marrying the same young man that you'd first dated at 17!

  4. What neat patters you guys are making with your shapes! So good for your mind! I loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  5. My aunt once threw a dishpan of water into the face of a salesman who was about to knock on her door. She was already married so no romance resulted.

  6. 1973, huh? I was engaged, but not yet married, to The Squire. We met on my first day at work, when I managed to pull a file cabinet on top of me. He dashed over, shoved the file upright, pushed in the drawers, and helped me to my feet. Truly a knight in shining armor

  7. I love your parents' story!

  8. Love at first splash, I love that. I agree with you, I love figs, especially fresh ones, the season is short so I treat myself when they are available.

  9. What a great story about your parents. Isn't there an old saying about "making a splash"? lol Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  10. The story of your parents is lovely, I am glad that it turned out well. Just wondering, you've mentioned before that your family moved communities. I know that some Amish have strict shunning where unless they come back to the gmay they baptised in, they will still be shunned. Other groups will stop shunning if they join another Amish group. Did you experience shunning when you moved from one Amish group to another or only when you actually left the Amish, just wondering what the rules are around this. Thanks from Australia

  11. I have a couple of blog friends who participate in this as well. I like your answer to number 3, although I can't sing good. Fig Newtons are so Yummy, and haven't had fig jam yet. I hope the new year is being kind to you so far.


  12. I laughed at the story of your parents meeting!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours will be fun to follow since I grew up conservative Mennonite!


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