Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Reader's Hodgepodge

1. Where is the most beautiful place you have been?

It's hard answering questions like this because as soon as I write an answer some other answer pops in my head, so I'll be sharing several different ones.

-Niagara Fall is beautiful, Growing up we used to visit it every summer. I've never grown tired of it.
-Bandelier National Park, New Mexico, as well as other spots in the state.
-Watkins Glen State Park in New York is beautiful in its own way. I've been there numerous times, and I look forward to experiencing it again with our children.
- Our bedroom in our house in Missouri. It's the spot where LV and I "met" Jesus and He became our Saviour. There's nothing I can think of that is more beautiful than that.

2. Which do you prefer? Books or movies?

Books, books, books!

- Movies leave out so many good things from books, and add other things that always makes me feel sad when I watch a movie based on a book.
- When I read a book I can get totally immersed in the story and I become the main character. Seeing, feeling, and experiencing everything. When I watch a movie I only get to see someone else experience, see, and feel things.

Books all the way!

3. What was the last song you listened to?

The last song I listened to was Everything by TobyMac

4. When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

They will probably ask me to tell them stories from my childhood as a little Amish girl.

5. What did you Google last?

The last thing I did a Google search for, was a recipe for a new marinade for steak. I don't eat steak, ever, but I enjoy cooking them for those in my family who do like them.

6. Random bit.

My power is back! This morning there was a deafening crackling boom that scared me worse than I've been startled in a while. Immediately the power went off. It's such a helpless feeling not being able to carry on in normal fashion when that happens. Thankfully it came back on sooner than I was thinking it might.


  1. I wonder if a transformer blew up. That happened here this summer and like you described, it was a very loud explosion. The lights went out across the street and up that way. We must be on a different line.

  2. I love the last part of your answer to question #1...and I so agree...what could be more beautiful?

  3. I agree - books it is! Losing power is not too bad; we have a gas stove so we don't starve, and kerosene lanterns in every room. The Squire loves to try new recipes, and he is always looking for something to fix for the coming week. I love cooking for him!

  4. Although it's not a single place, I think the California coast is the most beautiful place I've been. One year I took about 10 days vacation, stayed a few days in San Francisco and then drove down the coastal highway to Los Angeles, and then to San Diego where my aunt and uncle lived.

    Glad you have power back! We just dodged Hurricane Florence, and fortunately ours stayed on.


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