Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Yesterday morning when Steven woke up he tiptoed down the stairs with one of his stuffed animals. He set it on the stairs and walked into the school room where the girls and I had already started our school day.

"It's R's birthday today," he announced in a loud whisper. (He loves the alphabet and has named his stuffed animals with his favorite letters.)

"How old is he?" Rosie Mae whispered back.

"He's eight!" Steven said. "I'm going to have a party for him, and you're all invited."

The girls played along, "I'll bake a cake for him," Rosie Mae offered. "I'll help you make a card and a gift," Sharon offered. Just like that there was an air of secrecy and celebration in the house.

Steven hurried through his school and was ready to help Rosie Mae by the time she was ready to start the cake. He set his bear by Sharon so she could keep an eye on him, and he wouldn't noticed the cake baking happening in the next room.

Once the cake was done he led the singing of the Happy Birthday song and then decided his bear would like to play a board game or two.

This was the first time we ever "celebrated" a stuffed animal's birthday. And very likely the last time.


  1. That's wonderful! And the cake looks delicious! 🤗

  2. What a lovely imagination your son has. I think all bears' birthdays need to be celebrated!

  3. My seven year old daughter likes to celebrate all her stuffed horse's birthdays too. Although, I have never made a cake for one of them. �� Your children have great imaginations. I was wondering if you mind sharing what curriculum or curriculums you use in homeschooling?

  4. I love how your children all work together so well. Is it always so cheerful and happy in your house? That cake is amazing. I think Rosie Mae definitely has a career as a baker or pastry chef. Blessings, Betsy

  5. What a wonderful family you have! Such cooperation and a spirit of fun. Happy Birthday to R from all of his on-line friends.

  6. What a great time it had to be celebrating the bears 8th Birthday. Kids imaginations are fantastic. That cakes looks so pretty and DELICIOUS!! Mmm! I want to go make one. Wendy

  7. I LOVED this! What great sisters Steven has! Rosie Mae is quite the baker...the cake is beautiful and I loved it that Steven put R beside Sharon so she could keep him from knowing about the cake! What a great family you all are...and I also loved the delight I see, not only in Steven's face, but also in the girls' as they sang Happy Birthday to R.

  8. I think I'd make up birthdays, too, if that's the type of cake I was going to get!

  9. My youngest son used to announce regularly that it was his Teddy bear's birthday. The cake was nowhere near as lovely as the one Rosie Mae made but it was a layer cake that we all enjoyed. Don't remember if we sang Happy Birthday or not. So many years ago it almost seems like a dream.


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