Saturday, April 28, 2018

Picture my Week

I got the year book pictures turned in. Out of the group of fifty or so pictures I took I was happy to end up with three that seemed to capture who they are,

LV's nephew from Seattle was in for a visit for a little over a week. He did a great job in decorating the house for Sharon's birthday.

Rosie Mae, my resident baker made the desserts.

We took the decorations down yesterday. Steven got slightly distracted from his schoolwork when the streamers came down. Being the son of a big truck mechanic the streamer became a truck horn. Each little thing completed in his workbook earned a celebratory honk, honk.


  1. Your children are so handsome! The girls are just as sweet and kind as they are lovely, and Steven looks as if he might be a bit of an imp - and there's not a thing wrong with that!

  2. Looks like Sharon had a very nice birthday.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  3. What stunning pictures! They made me smile just looking at them :).

  4. You are blessed with beautiful children, such a lovely celebration.

  5. Lovely pictures for the yearbook! Wow, that dessert table looks wonderful.


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