Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond
1. Best place you've been lately?


Recently I've gone grocery shopping, went to church, attended homeschool co-op, went to a birthday party, and took our vehicle to the car wash. Each of those places was something I enjoyed, but none of them as much as I enjoy being at home.

2. What's something you should say yes to today? Or this week? Or even this year?

Today I should say yes to my growing donate pile. The girls and I will be working in the storage room this afternoon, and I'm trying to become more heartless and get rid of the things that do nothing but take up space.
This week I should say yes to writing time.
This year I again should say yes to writing.

3. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form? If so tell us how. In Western cultures the color green is typically associated with jealousy, nature, good luck, and growth. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'green'?

I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any way, shape, or form. I don't even know when it will be this year. Is it always on the same day?
The first thing that comes to mind when ever I hear the word green, is a green crayon. The most coveted and special crayon in the entire box. As a child I wasn't allowed to use it for anything other than coloring trees, even grass was only outlined because it would take too much green to fully color it. I so badly wanted to color the dresses the little girls in the pictures were wearing, green, but I couldn't. Even so the green crayon always became short and stubby long before the rest of the crayons in the box.
Even now when I help Steven color, and I use green for something that wouldn't have to be green I feel somewhat daring and guilty.

4. What's a product or service you love so much you'd happily be their spokesperson? Tell us what makes you such a fan.

Bonne Maman  fruit preserves. I only recently discovered them, and I'm in love. It's all natural with no added ingredients. It also doesn't have that funny after taste that all other commercially produced jams and jellies have. An added bonus is the jar that can then be used for other things once it's been emptied. So far the peach is my favorite flavor, though all of them are delicious!

5. March 14th is Pi Day. How are your math skills? What's the last thing you did that required math of any kind? And most importantly do you like pie? What's your favorite kind? With ice cream, whipped cream, or please hold the cream?

My math skills are average. The last thing I did that required math was when I wanted to make a batch and a half of a certain recipe.

I love pie. Cherry pie is one of my favorites, though I do really like pecan pie as well. I was about to say I've never met a pie I didn't like, but that's not true. I don't care for any store bought pies.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Score ... Boys 12
              Girls  6

The amount of grandchildren my parents have since my brother Ivan and his wife had twin boys yesterday. We're all excited and happy for them.


  1. Bonne Maman Apricot is my favourite too!

  2. I love your story about green crayons. I'd have to say probably blue or red were used up fastest for us.

  3. I loved your story about the green crayon. I've never thought about which color goes fastest, but I think red may have become scarce first when I worked at school.

    Our answers were the same for #1. There's no place like home :)
    Kathy (Reflections)
    PS My granddaughter has finished the first two Lily Lapp books, and she loved them.

  4. Congratulations to your family on the addition of the twins. How exciting! I also liked your crayon story. I hadn't thought about it before.
    My favorite place to be is also home. Whether it be our trailer at the lake in the summer or our house in the city. I love being in my own home surrounded by the familiar.

  5. You are so right about that green crayon. I remember it being a favorite to use and when I was blessed enough to have the 48 or 64 sized box, I remember also loving all of those other "greens" that were included!

  6. My paternal uncle has 13 grandkids.

  7. Pie. Oh, my! I enjoy most pies, but I've never cared for chocolate pie, or anything with coconut. I'd like pecan pie more if it wasn't so darned fattening. It's funny; I like chocolate pudding, but not pie. Maybe it's just too much of a good thing?

  8. Love you story about the green crayon. My favorite to stay in home but I love to travel a bit and see all the beauty that God put on this place we call earth.

  9. I am very content to be at home as well. It's my happy place. My DIL believes in the Bonne Maman brand and definitely recycles the jars. It was interesting to see the different dishes and lists of ingredients. As we are on reduced sodium and sugar, I'm tempted to try the preserves for sauces and dressings. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I think you would get a chuckle out of "The Day the Crayons Quit" book. It is clever.

    I love the jam too but we only have strawberry in my neck of the woods.

  11. I've always been a big fan of green crayons. I color sometimes in my "grown up" coloring book, and I use the green markers more than any others. Home is my favorite place, as well.
    Laughter and Consistency


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