Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

Breakfast time, what was on our plate this morning ... I usually get up an hour before anyone else. I love having my Bible time and morning routine, and then get breakfast ready before I wake the rest of the family at 6:00.  This morning I woke up, looked at my alarm clock, and nearly flew out of bed. 5:53 it said, quite unapologetically. I hurried downstairs, made coffee, threw some eggs in a pan, slapped dishes on the breakfast table and then calmly woke the family at 6:01. There was no time for anything special. Eggs and then cold cereal is what we had for breakfast this morning.

On today's "to do" list ... Laundry. I used to do laundry once a week while LV worked at a job that provided their own laundry care for his work clothes. Now-a-days it seems I'm doing laundry every day. I'm trying hard not to be sick of it, because I know I should be thankful for the convenience of my electric washer and dryer, and I am. I'm also extremely thankful for the people in my life that are the cause of the dirty laundry, but every once in a while I wish I could go an entire week without thinking of laundry.
Vehicle maintenance ... there's an issue with one of the seats in the back of our vehicle, in that it seems to identify as a rocking chair. I'm taking it to the dealership to be taken care of. I've already selected my book that I'll be taking along to read as I wait on what they told me would be a two hour repair. A chunk of reading time like that hardly ever comes my way, so though it's a little annoying that I have to do this, I am looking forward to reading.

Currently Reading ... In the Bible. Psalms. I finished up the New Testament last week and decided to enjoy the Psalms again before reading through the New Testament again. I've read the Bible cover to cover once, but now I usually pick and choose which books of the Old Testament I read between reading through the New Testament.
In fiction I'm reading the Emily books by L.M. Montgomery. Her Anne of Green Gables series is still my all time favorite series of books, but the Emily books are really good as well. I don't know if it's just me though, but I detect slightly darker undertones in them than I did with the Anne books.

On the TV this week ... nothing much. There's too much life to be lived to be glued to the TV.

The weather outside is ... drab, dreary, and cold. Perfect for baking, crafting, and working on fun indoor projects. I do feel sorry for my guys who have to work outside and look forward to warmer weather for their sake.

If I have a few minutes to myself I will ... I have so very many options to choose from for things I would like doing in those few minutes to myself. Write, read, work on my lettering skills, sew, journal, art, the list could go on for a while.

 What I'm sewing, crafting, and creating ... I want to finish up a black and red apron for a young boy from our homeschool co-op who asked me to make it for him. I have a beaded project that also needs to be finished up this week, and then I need to focus on creating some photo projects on Word.

A new recipe I want to try this week is ... I don't know that I will be trying a new recipe, but Rosie Mae has this goal of making every recipe in her Rachel Khoo cookbook. Every Tuesday I turn the kitchen over to her and she cranks out a delicious meal planned from that cookbook. I don't know what it will be this week, but I'm looking forward to it. So far everything from that book has turned out fabulous, and having a night off from cooking is pretty sweet even though I enjoy working in the kitchen.

Favorite photo I took last week ...

I took a lot of photos last week, but I'm choosing to share this one. I love the splash of color cardinals provide during the winter.


  1. I've never seen a cardinal (they aren't in my area), so I loved your photo. Thanks

  2. I agree about the Emily books. I have read all of L M Montgomery books and short stories I can find. Every once in a while I find some not "Anne" like at all and I realize, those being my favorite, leads me to want them all to be "Anne" like.
    I am ready for warmer weather also.
    Love the picture of the Cardinal.
    Praying you have a great week.

  3. Your comments last week about spring housecleaning inspired use to clean out the back room. That room is clean, but now my kitchen is "under water". Yeesh!


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