Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. 'Slow and steady wins the race'...tell us about a time this was true in your own life.

Gardening and canning, watching all those shelves in the basement filling up slowly, yet steadily with a year's supply of food. This quote was true for me every summer for years.

Right now I suppose it's the spring housecleaning. I'm approaching it with more of a slow and steady mindset instead of a whirlwind exhausting two weeks.
2. 'As slow as molasses'...Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What's your favorite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what's your favorite food made with that sweet treat? 

I really like sorghum molasses on fresh from the oven dinner rolls. Growing up we used to love stirring blackstrap molasses in milk to drink, but I kind of got away from that.

I don't like maple syrup, at all, not even a tiny bit. For two years, when I was in 4th and 5th grade, maple syrup was the only form of sweetener my family used. To this day I can not stand anything maple.

I don't care for caramel or butterscotch either.
3. Your favorite slow song? 

The mention of a slow song immediately takes me back to Amish church singing. My favorite of those songs were the ones they sing at weddings.
4. Your favorite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot? 

I love using the slow cooker to cook chicken for our favorite Chicken n Dumplings.
5. 'You may delay, but time will not.' ~Benjamin Franklin Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?

I'm a mix of both. Most of the time I would rather get an unpleasant task out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my day without having to dread taking care of it.

On the other hand, I signed on to teach a class every Friday and somehow I usually find myself preparing for it Friday morning.

6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.

Driving behind a horse and buggy waiting for a safe spot to pass is always annoyingly slow.

Checkout lines at Wal Mart also have the reputation to be slow. I try not to get annoyed, but two weeks ago we got stuck at a register that broke and they could not accept payment. After they fought with their machine for a LONG time they finally gave up and we had to load everything back up and take it to a different checkout. That was annoying.

Hand sewing. I used to absolutely detest hand sewing as a young girl. It has not become too much more enjoyable since then. It's annoying and slow.

7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you'll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you'd like to try or wish you had the skill to make happen. 

There's a National Craft Month?! How fun!

Right now Kenneth has supplies stacked in the living room that he wants me to help him make an upholstered seat for his rebuilding project. We'll have to see how it goes, I guess. I've never tried upholstering anything before.

The girls and I will continue working on their appliqued quilts. Hopefully by the end of the month we will have them ready to quilt.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

There is something frightening and yet so funny about coming downstairs in the dark and stepping on what you think is a mouse and then discovering it was only a balloon that has lost most of its air.


  1. I'm glad it was a balloon! I might have had a heart attack thinking it was a mouse! I love chicken and dumplings but have never made them myself. Might have to give it a try. Enjoy your day!

  2. The appliqued quilts sound like a wonderful project to do with your daughters. Nodded my head in agreement when you wrote about canning and watching the shelves fill up slowly. What a reward it is, though, to have canned items that you made yourself to enjoy during the colder months!

  3. The sound of that balloon would have stopped me dead in my tracks! My youngest daughter makes delicious Chicken-N-Dumplings in the Crock Pot!

  4. Chicken and dumplings sound delicious. I usually make chicken and homemade noodles. I love the idea of a craft month, although I already knit and crochet so much, every month is craft month!

  5. I teach also and sometimes I prep the same day. bad practice but sometimes that's the way it is.

  6. So happy to have found your blog. I follow you on IG.
    Chicken cooked in a slow cooker sounds wonderful.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. and I love Marple Syrop, that's about the only thing Ieat and it is not easy to buy here, people don't know it.

  8. Walmart lines can be completely annoying, however, it never stops me from shopping there. lol

  9. I don't think I've ever stepped on something that turned out *not* to be a mouse. We live in the country, and our cat seems to leave mice wherever the spirit moves him. However, I did once beat my daughter's fake fur hat half to death when it jumped out of a closet and attacked me.
    Sorghum always reminds me a VERY corny joke. Every once in a while The Squire will tell me he has to go to the dentist because he has "molasses mouth" - sorghums. I'm know; it's awful, isn't it?

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  11. Oh my...that reminds me of the time when we had an aquarium of fish...need I say more? OK, I will...yes, one flopped out of the water during the night and YES, I stepped on it...AAKKKKKK!!

  12. No way! Other people like blackstrap molasses in milk too??!!! My kids can't get enough of it. It's considered a special treat! Not only that, but I'm not the only person to not like maple! Everyone tries to convince me that it's "maple FLAVORING" I don't like, they don't like it either, blah blah... NO, people! I don't like ANY maple! : ) Oh my balloons-in-the-night goodness! That's almost heart attack material. Especially since our cats tend to leave surprises on the doormats.

  13. I think slow and steady is the best way to approach spring cleaning. Cleaning frenzies don't usually end well for me and make more work in the long run. Going slow gives time to think of the best way to organize things. If we're going at 90mph, we don't have time to think of the best solutions.

    Have fun with those quilts. What a great project. :) My granny was a quilter and I still have some of her quilts.

    Have a blessed day.

  14. Walmart checkouts can be annoyingly slow. We try to always use the self checkouts because their workers like to lick their fingers to moisten them so they can open the bags.

  15. Stepping on anything in the dark would have my heart beating fast, but I bet a balloon popping would have my entire household hopping out of bed. I, like you, sometimes wait until the last minute to prepare a lesson. It's a bad habit I'm working on.
    Have a wonderful day! :)


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