Saturday, March 18, 2017

All in a Day

    Being a Mom to teenagers is great. The opportunities to embarrass and amuse them are endless, and often unplanned.
    Yesterday I had another opportunity to do just that.
    It all started when LV asked me if I minded dropping a deposit off at the bank on my way to our homeschool co-op since his truck is too big to squeeze through comfortably.
    I was happy to do it for him, we'd just have to leave the house a little earlier.
    As I drove up to the window someone else drove up behind me. I didn't think anything about it as I handed my envelope to the teller and waited for the receipt. It took her much longer than usual and the girls were beginning to think she had forgotten about us. We could see her talking to the other women that were in this little building with her. As we waited an Amish man drove up to the hitching post and went walking towards the bank.
    The lady finally got my receipt ready and handed it out the window and I pulled forward with hopes of being on my way. I stopped to make sure nothing was coming before I turned out on the road. It was clear and I tried to go. My van had other ideas. There was an icy bump thing we had to cross first before actually getting on the road. All my van wanted to do is sit and spin, which was not at all on my agenda for the day. The car behind me had already pulled up to the window, so I didn't want to back into it.
    After several more fruitless attempts I noticed the Amish man come over and stand there watching me with a bemused expression on his face. It was at this point the girls wanted to disappear.
    I rolled the window down and asked, "How much room do I have to back up?' Out of the corner of my eye I noted how they were scooting down lower in their seats.
    He looked, "Almost three feet."
    "Would you tell me when to stop?" I asked.
    He was happy to oblige and I was able to back up that minuscule distance. He then walked to the front to see if it's safe to drive out onto the road. After he motioned to me that it's safe, I floored it and went bouncing out onto the road, yelling thank you to the man.
    Rosie Mae dissolved in a fit of embarrassed laughter. "This will at least make a fun diary entry," she proclaimed.
    "Happy to have been of help," I told her.


  1. Some day they will be able to embarrass their own teenagers! LOL

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE horrifying my kids with stuff like that! It's also fun to ponder aloud a crazy scheme that isn't quite out of the realm of possibility, and watch them go into panic, hahahaha!

  3. Embarrassing our kids. Right up there near to top of the list of fun things to do!


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