Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday Quiet Box

    Having five younger brothers, Sunday afternoons at our house used to be anything but quiet. After a week of working long hard days my parents both would have loved a nap, but even though we tried to be quiet the noise levels would gradually increase until Dad or Mom would stumble out of the bedroom asking us to be quiet.
    One Sunday afternoon before they went to take a nap they set a box on the table and told us we can enjoy the contents.
    It was a lot of fun digging through all the treasures inside. There were books, art supplies, puzzles, and some special toy animals and tractors. We weren't nearly done enjoying the things when they woke from a long peaceful nap and announced it was time to put everything back into the box.
      The Sunday quiet box became a fun tradition. Books were replaced once they had been read, and occasionally other new things were added which kept that box something to look forward to at nap time every Sunday for years.


  1. Your parents were brilliant! That was a great idea. I can't imagine keeping that many boys quiet long enough to take a nap. :-)

  2. Oh, this is so smart! Yesterday I was the parent staggering out from the bedroom telling kids to PIPE DOWN! My husband was sitting in the middle of the chaos practicing his guitar, totally oblivious to the zoo around him! Haha! I should work on a box!

    1. I worked with a woman who asked her husband to keep an eye on their two years old while she cleaned the downstairs.

      As she went through the living room, she saw a group of people making "Shoo-ing" motions and calling "Get back, baby, get back."

      Her husband had fallen asleep watching TV and the little one had climbed onto the front porch roof.

      Fortunately the roof was flat. With the right jury, I'm sure she could have gotten off!

  3. Hello MaryAnn,

    What a TERRIFIC idea! Thanks for sharing this useful tip.



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