Saturday, January 28, 2017

Picture my Week

I don't have a big variety of pictures to show for this week. But here we go.

We had a lot of rain and when the creek started flooding I wanted to step out on the porch to take a picture of it, only to discover the porch was covered in this weird goopy, gloppy, almost gelatin like substance. It sounded disgusting to walk on so I retreated and simply took a picture of it instead of the creek.

I had shared it on my Facebook page where it sparked an interesting discussion. If you haven't already ... you're welcome to send me a friend request here.

Our rain finally turned to snow. Sharon and Steven enjoyed building their first official snowman of the season.
Afterwards a fun snowball fight was enjoyed.
I've shared pictures of the waterfall every so often ever since we moved here. Today I'll share a short video so you can enjoy it in motion for a change.
Rosie Mae made her delicious Lemon Blueberry cupcakes. They were like a delightful burst of spring or summer in the middle of winter.


  1. I've been reading your blig for awhile but have not often commented. I enjoy reafing about your life. I sent a friend request.

  2. I love your small video. It's great! And what a nice cupcakes! Lekker! (mjammie(

  3. The waterfall is so are the cupcakes!

  4. It looks as though the children are having such a wonderful time in the snow. That makes my heart happy. Those cupcakes look like they could be in a magazine. Rosie Mae is such a talented girl.


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