Saturday, January 14, 2017

Picture my Week

As a fun addition to our indepth state studies this year, the girls have been appliqueing the states. Rosie Mae is doing hers in purples while Sharon has chosen to use blues. It's been an enjoyable process all working together. And once they're done they'll each have a small-ish quilt.
It's not often that birds hold still when I want to take a picture of them. I was pleased to be able to get a decent one of this bird of prey.
Amish church peanut butter is still one of my favorites. I'll share the recipe one of these days.
Our daily school books ... and the stack I go through every morning to assign their lessons and check their work from the previous day. Steven's book pile isn't pictured here. He's on his way to becoming a reader, and is so excited every day to learn everything he can. I'm hoping he keeps this enthusiasm for learning for the rest of his life.
The downside to this week was when we discovered in a somewhat scary way that someone in our family is allergic to nuts. Swelling lips, hives, and more. Yikes!!
Rosie Mae loves creating art. So does Steven. This is a piece they did one evening.


  1. I love hearing about your week and all you do as a family. Sorry to hear about the nut allergy. There are nut butters made from soy or peas that are now available as an alternative. Thanks for sharing with your readers! Rosie Mae and Steven's art is so beautiful and creative.

  2. Love the states quilt idea and that the love of books and learning is alive and well in your family, the nut allergy is very scary and I'm glad you now k ow and can take precautions.

  3. The states quilt is beautiful! Well done! Mmm, looking forward to your peanut butter recipe! We're within a couple hours of an Amish area, and the PB is one thing my mother-in-law loves to go make a visit for. :)

  4. I'd love to hear more about the states quilt project - what a terrific idea!

    I'm hoping the nut allergy was relieved quickly. Now that you know, it will be much easier to prevent future episodes.

    thanks so much for sharing,

  5. Always love your posts. Hoping your child's nut allergy is to tree nuts and not peanuts! GREAT appliques!

  6. Lovely picture of the red-tailed hawk! What sort of camera do you have?

    Is this nut allergy something that just popped up? That's pretty scary.

  7. so sorry to hear about the nut allergy. My husband is allergic to peanuts. Our daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, fish , seafood, mustard, peas...amongst other milder allergies and seasonal.


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