Saturday, August 6, 2016

Picture my Week

In our downsizing efforts I decided to give ebay another chance. The experience was Packaging everything that sold took time, and several mornings were spent next to a stack of packages waiting for the mailman to come pick them up. Reading, writing, and the companionship of pets made the time pass pleasantly.
Sailor dug out his set of tiny cars, buildings, and floor mat and presented it to Buddy to play with. He has spent hours upon hours playing with it.

Tomatoes, fresh from an Amish produce stand. One of my summer time favorites, especially when enjoyed as a sandwich like my Mom used to prepare for us when we were itty bitty children.

We've been going through a lot of iced tea. This however, got a little too icy. Apparently it's time to adjust the temperature in our refrigerator.

We've enjoyed a few meals of fresh sweetcorn so far. Husking sweetcorn is one of the highlights of Buddy's days.
Our first week of school for the 2016-2017 year was a success. I was surprised how easy it was to slip back into a comfortable schedule after our summer break. Sunbeam was studying about Algeria in her geography, to finish it off we made some Algerian cookies. It was fun weighing everything instead of doing the regular measuring. They turned out to be delightful sugar cookies that we will probably be making again.

It has been interesting watching the roses bloom and seeing what color they will be. The newest one is a gorgeous deep, deep pink.


  1. Your rose is beautiful! I've only bought things on e-bay. Shipping items seems a bit daunting. The cookies look delicious. Praying your school year is as good all year long. as your first week!

    1. Ebay is definitely a lot nicer to go buy things, than to sell them.

  2. That iced tea still looks refreshing! :-)

  3. We've been drinking lots of ice tea in this heat too but ours hasn't frozen yet! So glad to hear that school is starting out well and it's nice of Sailor to share his cars with his little brother. I can sympathize with your eBay experience. My Hubby would like me to have a garage sale but I never seem to have a good turnout for it. I spend days upon days getting ready and then make $50-$75. It just doesn't seem worth the effort. It's easier to make donations to Goodwill.

    1. I considered donating a lot to Goodwill as well. It was a lot of work listing everything and then packaging and shipping everything that sold.

  4. Lovely week!
    What's in the tomato sandwiches? Ours are almost ripe!
    I just bought cheap 2nd hand rug to paint roads etc for my boys matchbox cars!
    Beautiful rose, I could aaaaalmost wish we had less shade here and could grow roses... : )


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