Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Tell us about a time you found yourself 'in the middle of nowhere'. Was this deliberate?

When we moved to the Midwest it felt as if we had plopped ourselves down in the middle of nowhere, but after a vacation to New Mexico where we roamed the deserts "the middle of nowhere" took on a whole new meaning.
2. What's something you're 'in the middle of' today or this week? 

There seems to be quite a lot of middles going on in our life right now.

-I'm in the middle of planning our next week's menus and grocery list.
-I'm smack dab in the middle of a writing project, having just hit the halfway mark of words needed.
-We're in the middle of a pretty huge project. Thankfully most of that rests on LV.
-I'm in the middle of doing research for next years school, by taking the ready made curriculum and digging deeper into the topics and things that will be studied. Yes, I realize I'm making life harder than it would need to be, but we all love learning, and there is so much more to learn about most of the things.(Except math.)
3. At what age do you think 'middle age' begins? What does it mean to be 'middle aged'? 

I don't know what age middle age begins. I used to think somewhere around 50, but doing a quick search on google revealed that no one is quite in agreement. Some say it's the ages between 35 and 58, others say it begins at 60. So who knows?

What does it mean to me?? I always thought it's the time in life when your body starts hurting more, and your feelings start hurting less. Or in other words, you've lived long enough to not really care about other people's opinions.
4. Ravioli, stuffed peppers, samosas, deviled eggs, steamed dumplings, pierogis, or a jelly donut...your favorite food (from this list!) with something yummy in the middle. Your favorite not on the list?

Ravioli and samosas are a nice tie as my favorite things that have things in the middle. Not on the list are the fruit filled cookies my Mom used to make, and we can't forget pie either, can we?

5. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ''In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.' Would you agree? Have you found this to be true in your own life? Feel free to elaborate. 

I think there is a lot of truth in that statement. Even speaking spiritually ...... growth often happens during difficult times.
6. What's a song you remember loving from your middle school years? Do you love it still? 

We sang mostly hymns, and didn't listen to music. My mind immediately went to two songs I used to love. Twilight is Stealing and Better Days. I still like them, but hadn't thought of them in a long time.
7. May 18th is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Will you celebrate? Which relative would you visit if time, distance, and expense were not considered. 

I will not be celebrating. Other than going to see my parents I would really love to visit my Mom's youngest brother. He's married to one of LV's cousins. They have remained loyal and friendly even though we left the Amish. Their two youngest children are the same age as our girls, and we always have a great time when ever we get to see each other.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

We had some unexpected things happen on the way to church on Sunday when our vehicle started making horrible sounds, followed by the smell of something much too hot. After investigating it was determined it's not safe to continue. It took a while to limp our way back home, but we made it safely. It has been fixed now but I still find I'm trying to not feel leery about driving alone in it.


  1. I'd be the same way about getting back into your vehicle and driving along. ;-)

  2. Oh yes, me too. I don't care what kind of vehicle I'm driving as long as I know it is dependable. I don't know what samosas are. I do know pie! 😉

  3. Car trouble-grrr. I saw where some people said 35 was middle age. 35 sounds so young to me : )

  4. I really appreciate your answer about middle age. A lot of truth there. And, you are definitely in the middle of a lot of planning and doing. But, I have a feeling not much goes undone where you are concerned. I so admire that about you.

  5. Oh yes I would be so leery. My HHR died in the middle of Auburn one day. I was glad Frank was with me. We had to be towed home...and ended up having to buy a new car.

  6. Happy Middle of the week! Not that fond of samosas, but Breyer's Ice Cream recently put out a new flavor: Vanilla with Girl Scouts Cookie Samoas churned in. Though the cookie just has a hole in the middle, Delicious!!!
    I sheepishly had to turn over the project of putting up an indoor wall where a doorway used to be to my husband. I had great hopes of doing it myself, but got humbled in the middle of it.
    Sorry about your "Tin Lizzy," what my dad always called our clunker car. Good that LV and your son are mechanically inclined.
    I'm surprised no question is about being a middle child in today. I'm the middle of seven. It is interesting how your order in birth does have an affect on learning, approach to challenges, and view of life. I'm happy to have been in the middle.
    Best wishes for a successful writing project.

  7. I am so glad pie counts for the purposes of that question!

    I hope your car issues are done with--that's so scary!

  8. I used to think middle age was about ten years from wherever I was, but now that I am in my mid-70's, I think I've hit it. I don't look too bad for an old lady, but there are days when I feel every bit of it.
    Middle of nowhere. One time The Squire and I decided to take what appeared, on the map, to be a short-cut, avoiding a corner and just cutting across the hypotenuse of a huge triangle. Well. We'd gone about a mile when we saw a sign that raid "unpaved road ahead". No big deal. Except that we went about over about ten miles of unpaved and VERY twisty roads though the Tennessee mountains. The road was steep - we could have dropped pebbles on the houses below us, and some of the curves were so tight if these folks had just opened the back and front doors we could have driven right though their living rooms.
    We laughed the entire way. They say happy people are those who can enjoy the scenery along a detour, and we had a blast!

  9. Middle age begins: When it takes more than 1 standard size box of birthday candles to light up your cake :-) (36 in a package, so 37 is the magic # to me!)

    Middle age ends: When you find yourself making excuses for not doing things you always used to do, especially things you love. It hasn't ended for me, yet. I'm 63.


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