Saturday, May 21, 2016

Picture my Week

These finally decided to bloom this week. The vibrant splash of color they give the front yard is welcome. Buddy keeps stopping to smell them when ever he passes them, declaring they smell like really good candy.

This stack of boxes are filled to the brim with curriculum for next year's school. I had to go through every bit of it and write up what we will be studying so I can hand it in to our local school. See that lump of red on top of the stack? That, my friends, is the delightfully cozy house coat I was wearing while working at the computer.

Sailor and I planted ten rose bushes. He did all the hard work, while I simply helped fill in the dirt around the bushes. Buddy supervised the entire process.

Our giant rhododendron bush is still quite a ways from blooming, thanks to all the shade it gets where it is planted. Somehow though at the far side we discovered a single bud has bloomed, even if the rest of them will be waiting a while to do the same.

Buddy has always loved everything to do with baseball. I spent a few hours this week pitching for him.


  1. What are those brilliant flowers that smell like candy? Beautiful. It's nice to have a sailor around ... Especially one as handsome as he! I love baseball, too. Wish our grandson lived closer so we could watch him play.

  2. I enjoy your weekly photo posts so much! What a nice spring you all are having :)

  3. The flowers are beautiful. Buddy is getting so big, and Sailor looks like a young man already. Children grow up way too fast, don't they?

  4. Beautiful flowers! Mine are starting to bloom too and they make me so happy!

    Your sons are getting so grown up.

    Have a great week,

  5. Buddy looks like he is receiving his very first delightful pitch! Besides his Steeler cap, he may need a Pirates one.
    Sailor can really "rose" the boat. Though you already have a Rosebud in the house, I hope you soon find many more in the rose garden.
    I wonder if the Board of Education would accept you running copies of the textbook table of contents? Then you could just add your expanded activities specific for your kiddos. I could be wrong, but my guess is your labored work simply gets filed, not read. It is required to meet state laws. Just an idea to ponder for next year. Great photos!

  6. The flowers that smell like candy are really beautiful! Good luck with all the roses! Little Buddy is a cutie!
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  7. Something about the look on Sailor's face makes him look like my niece Lizzie Ann.

  8. Something about the look on Sailor's face makes him look like my niece Lizzie Ann.

  9. Buddy's excitement at the chance to bat a ball is infectious!


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