Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V ~ Venus Flytrap

My grandmother loved plants. Her flowerbeds were a sight to see and the assortment of houseplants was always interesting.

My favorite plant at her house was the Venus Flytrap. She kept it in her sewing room and from the day she showed me how it eats flies, I was intrigued. I would touch the leaves one by one and watch them close until the entire plant had its leaves closed.

One day as I had worked my way through about half of the leaves, she caught me and told me how hard I was being on the poor plant tricking it into thinking it was getting a meal. It always took a while for the leaves to open again and if there wasn't a fly there for it to eat I was going to starve it.

I felt really bad about that, but the temptation to play with this fascinating plant was big. I did limit it to touching one leaf per visit to her house after that.


  1. Venus flytraps are too cool not to touch. You exhibited great self-control to touch just one trap.
    From some of your photos, you must have inherited a "green thumb" from your grandma. The Christmas cactus is beautiful.

  2. Venus fly traps are quite amazing. It is not a wonder that people can spend their entire lives studying plants.

  3. Count me in for not being able to keep my hands off the Venus flytraps.

  4. Count me in for not being able to keep my hands off the Venus flytraps.

  5. I have never seen one in person before, but I've always been interested in them when I've read books or saw them on television. How fun for you to see and touch one too!

  6. I don't think I really ever knew this plant was for real. I think I want one.

  7. When I was younger I dreamed about this plant ♥


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