Monday, March 24, 2014

Leaving the Amish

I don't think anyone that left the Amish would say it was easy to do, but I do think the level of difficulty can be much more extreme for some.

When we left we had been married for a number of years already, had three children, owned a home, and had a business. All of that stayed the same, but we now had a new mode of transportation and attended a different church.

Emotionally it was very difficult knowing our decision to leave would sever family ties and friendships we had all our life. But trusting in Jesus, we forged ahead.

Recently I was reminded of how much harder leaving would have been had we left as a teen. On top of dealing with the emotional side of leaving we would have had to find a place to stay, a job, everything would have been new and different, almost overwhelmingly so.

I am thankful for places like MAP Ministry that offer help and guidance for those who are heading out alone and penniless.


  1. I found it most interesting to read the MAP website.

  2. I think it is so sad that you had to give up friendships and family, in order to pursue a faith and lifestyle different from others. I have friends from different faiths and respect their beliefs. What a shame that some are so hard-headed about it.

  3. I am sure having each other made it easier. We left a church after being there for 25 years...we raised our children there and had life long friends there. I've never been thru a divorce, but I can imagine it feels a lot like we felt. It was difficult and painful. However, we are still friends with many people there. It was a challenge starting over somewhere else, but I know it was much more difficult for you.

  4. Yes, I would think it would be very difficult for a young person to leave and branch out on their own. The MAP Ministry looks like it would be very helpful.
    Blessings to you,

  5. Are you thinking about some of the stories told here?

    I didn't see this (we don't have a TV) but it sounded interesting.

  6. Clisby, No it wasn't the PBS documentary that had me thinking of this. It is seeing first hand what some are going through.

  7. Oh, I find your story so interesting and look forward to reading your entries about "all things Amish" during the month of April.


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