Monday, March 10, 2014


Since the release of my books I have enjoyed seeing pictures of happy readers, enjoying what I wrote.

I just received another picture, this time it is my youngest cousin.

What a nice distraction from the Monday laundry dance!


  1. I'm sure that pleases and blesses you!

  2. Very sweet....I love the look on her face....she is really in to your story. I have yet to read your books,don't know what I'm waiting on.I know I am going to love them. Blessings friend

  3. What a sweet picture! I just loved your books, even after already knowing most of the stories! After my granddaughter read them, I passed them on to another Grandmother- It never occurred to me to take a picture of us reading them! Any more books in the future? We'd LOVE to know what happens to that "boy" in your classroom ;-)

  4. Oh neat! I'm going to look up your books soon :-) Love new stuff, & interesting stories :-)


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