Saturday, February 22, 2014


April will be the five year anniversary of my blog. I'm cooking up several different ways to celebrate, and one of them revolve around doing a post every day in April except Sundays.

To make it a little easier I decided to join the A-Z challenge where day one the topic of my post will begin with an A, and each day thereafter will continue with the next letter of the alphabet. My theme will revolve around Amish things, so this is where you come in. Can you think of any words that you would like me to write a blog post?

I have been jotting down ideas of things that could work for each letter, for an example: Q will work nicely for quilts, R for remedies, W - weddings.

I would love to hear more suggestions, and if I get more words than I need I can always continue even after the initial A-Z challenge is over.

Looking forward to seeing what you suggest!


  1. That sounds like a fun and creative way to celebrate!

  2. Congratulations on your five year anniversary. That is quite an accomplishment in the blogging world.

    Here are a few ideas:

    C- canning
    G- garden
    P- pets
    R- rumspringa

    Love your blog and will be looking forward to reading your posts!

  3. B for books
    C for Christmas
    D for dating
    F for funeral
    M for mud sales
    S for songs

  4. I would like to know the significance of celery at an Amish Wedding. I don't know if that would go under "C" for celery or "W" for Weddings!! I am looking forward to April already!!

  5. How fun!

    H- herbs
    T- teas

  6. A - aprons
    B - buggies
    K - kapps
    L - lanterns
    S - school
    W - wood
    Looking forward to this challenge!

  7. P = Pillows. Do Amish married couples really use a bed pillow wide enough so that it serves as pillow for both, as I've seen in pictures of Amish homes? If so, are the pillows hand-made?

  8. P for Pow-wowing? Something I've always been curious about.

  9. How about...b for baking/bread,and w for worship? Looking forward to learning a lot!

  10. L for the language used by the Amish, maybe.

  11. I don't know if you would be comfortable blogging about this topic, but I have often wondered how the Amish approach it, so here goes.

    S ... sex education

  12. B is for buggies
    C is for clothing
    F is for food
    G is for gardens
    T is for tools

  13. This is going to be interesting. I am looking forward to it.

  14. Very excited about this:

    D : Districts (ie differences between church districts)
    H: Health insurance (why don't Amish people have it. Even in Canada where it is free the Amish opt out)
    E: Eternal life: Do the Amish really not believe eternal ife is guaranteed?
    V: Vacation: Popular vacation spots for those that do go away?
    M: Moving. How common is it for Amish people to move to different communities because of the rules?
    Y: Young Companion, Family Life, and Blackboard: is it common for Amish to have these publications? By the way I subscribed after I saw this on you blog and LOVE them.
    X: eXcommunication: What is the process? Does it differ from community to community? What is the process of having it reversed?
    W: work. Are their Amish in non-traditional jobs outside of farming, woodworking, etc?
    O: Old Order - what is the difference between old order, new order, beacy amish, and mennonites. Is it common for old order amish that leave to join one of these other more progressive groups?

  15. S-stove
    O- outhouse
    T - traditions
    M- money
    C- community
    H- horses
    C or T child training
    R- roadside stands

  16. W- women, as in what role do they have within the community.

  17. A - appetizers
    B - baking
    C - chess
    D - drugs

  18. What an interesting theme for the Challenge. I look forward to reading your posts!

  19. I would love to know what the Amish do to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19&20). This coud go under G for Great Commission, S for soul-winning, or W for witnessing.

  20. M-Military,owning arms/protection
    U-Underwear, do Amish have the same strict dress code for undergarmets?
    G-government, local, state, federal

    Just some random questions that I feel are too personal to ask some Amish that I know.

  21. I see many wonderful ideas here, and I will just look forward to reading your April blogs!!

  22. A= allowance; do Amish kids get an allowance, and how much?
    B= birth control; what methods do Amish women use?
    C= church; what does a typical church service look like?
    D= dangers; what are some things Amish find dangerous?
    E= environment; what do the Amish do for the environment?
    F= faith; what exactly is the Amish faith?
    G= grocery; do the Amish ever buy things at a regular grocery store?
    H= house; describe the inside of a typical Amish house.
    I= income; what are a few of the main sources of income for the Amish?
    J= jokes; what are some jokes the Amish might tell?
    K= knitting; what types of things do Amish women knit?
    L= lazy; are there any lazy people among the Amish.
    M= mafia; is there an actual Amish mafia?
    N= nursery rhyme; do the Amish use regular nursery rhymes for their children, or do they have their own special ones?
    O= ordinary; describe an ordinary day in the life of an Amish person.
    P= patterns; do Amish women make all their own patterns?
    Q= quotes; share a favorite Amish quote.
    R= rebellious; do Amish parents have problems with their kids becoming rebellious?
    S= superstitions; what are some superstitions the Amish believe?
    T= teeth; how do the Amish care for their teeth?
    U= unclean; do the Amish eat any of the food thought to be unclean in the bible?
    V= vaccinate; do the Amish vaccinate their kids?
    W= wigs; do the Amish ever wear a wig?
    X= x-rays; since the Amish don't want their pictures taken, will they have x-rays taken?
    Y= yawn; what are some things the Amish would consider boring, ie: yawn inducing.
    Z= zoo; do the Amish ever visit zoos?

  23. Looking forward to this! So many good ideas :-)

  24. I love Katie Troyer's comment! She seems to know something we don't!

  25. Although I've already posted one idea, I have another thought I would like to add. H is for Home-Buying.

    I recently watched the Amish programs on PBS, and got the impression from a passing comment that, when an Amish young adult is ready to start his own household, his parents buy his house for him. Is this correct? Or did I just misunderstand?

  26. I would love to second Lisa G's idea for how the Amish explain not evangelizing as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20. (evangelizing: telling the Gospel to). But I would understand if you avoided it, things might get ugly!

  27. furniture

  28. Hello. I would be very interested in "Special Needs" in the Amish community. (autism in particular)
    If that is something you witnessed and how the community would deal with that. Are they supportive?
    Thank you.

  29. S for Simplicity
    F for Faith

  30. Hi,
    Read your posts and am looking forward to reading your posts for the challenge.
    I have read a little bit about the Amish and seen on the TV. Different yet traditional or conservative like Indians....
    It would be a pleasure to read about them from you since you, well you are one.
    It is always difficult to separate oneself from family and maybe this will be like revisting old friends.
    Hope I am not to brash, but thank you for sharing.
    A - for acceptance.
    C - for change.
    R - for reunions.
    Thanks and best wishes.


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