Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amish Searching

I like to occasionally look at the searches people were doing that led them to my blog. This morning when I checked I decided to provide the answer to some of the things.

do amish use the us mail?

Yes, the Amish use U.S. mail. They still send long, juicy letters to their friends regularly. For many of them there is something wrong if a day passes and they haven't received a letter from someone. Forget about those pesky bills that arrive once a month, mail for the Amish is an anticipated highlight of every day.

amish chore schedule

There is no set schedule of chores the Amish have to follow. Each family creates and follows a schedule that works best for them.

is there amish in somerset

There are no Amish living in the town of Somerset, PA.  However the second oldest Amish community is located in southern Somerset County.

do amish wear deodorant

That depends on what community they live in. Most Amish do wear deodorant, but there are still some of the most conservitive communities where it is frowned upon.

former amish blog

You found one of them. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

how do amish train children

Part of Amish child training is the parents being very involved in the child's life. Working and playing side by side makes training a pleasant experience of being cheerfully guided to be what you should be rather than having to be disciplined for having done what you shouldn't have.

I recently read an article by a friend, where she shared this:

Perhaps it’s my Amish background that feeds my determination to teach my children. The Amish never got on the self-esteem trend in which children were told they were wonderful for simply being, rather than doing. I think the Amish always sensed that a healthy sense of self came from knowing you could handle this, you had what it took, and you had something to offer to others. And that came from adding skill to skill, from shelling peas as a small child to running a farm as an adult. - Dorcas Smucker

You can read the entire article here.


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