Thursday, March 14, 2013

Amish Bedroom

LV and I were planning to get married in the spring so when some out of state "English" friends came that fall to visit I was happy to accept their offer to take pictures of my room. I was sure that someday I would enjoy seeing the room where I had spent my teenage years. It was such a happy little place filled with hopes and dreams. Daddy had remodeled the upstairs and I had been allowed to choose the color to paint my room, I choose a pale blue called Nordic Ice. It didn't go very well with the tan linoleum, but I didn't care.
I always carried a pack of matches in my pocket and evenings when I got to my room I would light the lamp inside the door.

I never could bear to tuck any cards away that LV had given to me, so they were kept on display until after we got married.
An old china cupboard appeared in my room when I turned seventeen and replaced the desk I used to have. My parents sold it when they moved ten years ago and I now wish I would have bought it.
The view outside my first window wasn't the greatest since two huge trees blocked nearly everything. I used to enjoy watching the birds in their branches.  Mom crocheted the tie backs for my curtains. Strangely enough, I still have those.
Inside my closet.
When I looked outside my second window I could see our garden, one of our pastures, our pulley clothes line, the road, and the St. Mary's Catholic church house.


  1. Such precious memories. Sadly, there are no photos of my two childhood homes and only two of me as a little girl. Oddly, there are lots of my handsome big brother. Was that because he was so photogenic and I am not and never was? or is it simply that he's the first child and I am just the little one?!
    But I do so wish I could have photos of my bedroom in the Wetherby house - it was a sanctuary for me. So glad your friends took these for you.

  2. So Peaceful, MaryAnn and it brought back many memories. We moved a lot (military family) and I have no such photos however unlike commentator # 1, I just discovered a lot of my childhood photos in a box!
    P.S. I checked twice your wardrobe photo: you owned more clothes than I do even today!
    God bless,

  3. Wonderful pictures full of many memories for you! so happy you have them.

  4. Tidy, simple and charming. Looks like a fine place for reading and daydreaming.

  5. Maggie's comment sums up my thoughts nicely. Thanks for sharing these pleasant memories.

    This is off topic,but I have to share this wth you: Right now I'm the process of reading 'A New Home for Lily' to my K-3 class. Yesterday when they learned I'd be away at a meeting for the afternoon, one little boy, voice full of concern asked. "Well, who's going to read Lily to us?"

    They did get their Lily fix though - the sub read them a chapter.


  6. mary Ann, I enjoyed reading this and looking at the pictures. When did your family start using clothes hangers instead of Pegs ? How old were you when you got out of the Old Order Amish? I love reading about the simple life they live. But, I realize the work the women is much harder and longer than how I have lived. But, there are such a business to our worldly world.. And, so many distractions to tend to take away from some of the closeness with GOD. God bless you.

  7. Peaceful was the first word that came to mind when I saw this.

  8. maudemaxine, We always used clothes hangers.

    I shared here in my blog when we left the Amish. I didn't share how old we were, but we were already married and had three children at the time we left.

  9. Your posts remind me often of the things we take for having pictures of our room.

    I must say, I think many of us would greatly benefit from this uncluttered type of room.

  10. I love your bedroom. So peaceful, uncluttered. I did notice what looked like a jewelry box on your dresser. Caught my eye as my aunt had one like it that I inherited when she died. I used it years. But, I was under opinion Amish don't wear jewelry. Curious was it a keepsake box? How do Amish use them?

  11. AverettLadyNana, You're right, the Amish don't use jewelry. I used it as a sewing box.


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