Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Memorable Outing

On Valentine's Day, LV had made arrangements for the children to stay at a friend's house and had reservations for us to eat at a restaurant we had been wanting to try for quite a while. We looked at their website and were impressed and then googled for reviews which should have been our first warning sign, but we chose to focus on the good ones and disregard the one star reviews.

After dropping the children off we arrived at the restaurant and were met with our first obstacle. Finding a door to enter. The doors along the front of the building were all locked, so we ventured into a dimly lit alley and passed multiple doors before finding one that would open. Upon entering we were sure we were in the wrong area. Employee only signs were slapped on the doors along the hallway we were standing in. The sound of water trickling made me look up to see a home made fountain they had created using patio furniture and some other items.

We wandered a little farther down the hallway and around a corner where we were greeted with this:

In front of us was a stairway, but we were expecting someone to appear at any minute and chase us away so instead of climbing the stairs we decided to try to find the right entrance, because this surely couldn't be it.

After circling the building again we were beginning to feel like giggly teenagers. We finally decided this spooky hallway was indeed the only option we had. This time we climbed the stairs and someone soon came to seat us.

The decorations they had can only be described as interesting. They liked books and there were some on every windowsill as well as piled on old ladders. Weather beaten doors and crates were hung oddly here and there as well as some more, lets say, interesting arrangements.

The service left a lot to be desired and the food was mediocre at best. And while we will probably never eat there again I have no regrets that we tried it. It was a fun memorable evening with lots of laughter that we'll be able to talk about with fond amusement for years to come.


  1. So disappointing when a restaurant isnt good. The decor left a lot to be desired, I felt!

  2. Well, you got me with the casket and toilet seat! Oh my! Strange decorations to be sure. But what a lovely thing to have time for just the two of you. When you have small children that can be very welcome. And you're right, you'll have something to remember for years. If it had been a normal restaurant I'd venture to say that the memories wouldn't be nearly as vivid.

  3. Mary Ann, this was the most entertaining review of any eatery ever! Whoever was the 'hired' decorator, they outdid themselves on this one!
    Despite the setback, it seems both of you saw the fun in it and had a good time, a blessing indeed (Who says the Good Lord does not have a sense of humour, right?)
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. I would say definitely different. I am not sure how I would of reacted, I think you did very well. And like you said it was memorable. lol
    until next time...nel

  5. What a fantastic memory! Truly hysterical!

  6. A once in a lifetime experience.

  7. This will be one of those you will laugh at down the road.....

  8. I love it! You can get good food at a lot of places but like one of the comments said above, you'll have more memories of this one. Plus you two made the best of it and it sounds like you got a kick out of it. And hello, who doesn't have a toilet seat hanging on their wall at home??? Oh wait, most people don't do that? Never mind. :)

  9. It's great to have a bad restaurant story to fall back on! I ate at a restaurant as a kid that was so bad, that when I wrote about it, without exaggeration, for a school essay, I got a bad grade because the teacher thought it was too unrealistic.

  10. I found myself smiling more and more as I read this! I've never been to this restaurant, but I certainly know the feeling ... the thought crosses your mind, "You know, it's not too late to go somewhere else..." but you continue on. Curiosity? Hunger? Bad combinations! But good for the humor and memory banks for years to come. I hope you were seated on chairs at a table near some books and not too close to umm...the other decor...

    We just got back from a trip to Vermont. Supposed to go snowshoeing but couldn't find enough snow without the wind blowing. It turned into a food trip, instead! With lots of laughter and meeting nice people :-)

    We pretty much trust Trip Advisor and our friends!

  11. haha! What was the resturaunt called, may i ask? You will certainly both have some things to look back at and laugh about! i especially thought the tiolet seat was quite an interesting choice of decor!


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