Friday, March 23, 2012


My three year blog anniversary is coming up and as I was looking at a few of my first posts I couldn't help but notice how much the children have changed in these three years.

Sailor still has an interest in ships though being the captain of one is no longer all he dreams and talks about.

He enjoys yard work and would mow the grass everyday if he could.

He loves everything to do with history, learning how things are made and how they work, and maps. His choice for reading materials are biographies, encyclopedias, and if it can be counted as reading a world atlas.

He loves animals and dreams of having a dog again someday. Living right next to a busy road resulted in a premature good-bye to his dog when we moved here almost two years ago.

He is a great older brother to his younger siblings and somewhere in these past few years has discovered the joy of teasing his sisters.
He enjoys helping out in the kitchen and has mastered a few recipes and even created a new way to make potatoes. They are delicious and he has kindly shared his recipe with me so I can make it too.

It is a joy to call him our son!


  1. Delightful boy. Get him another dog -- these years fly by.

  2. What a handsome (I was going to say beautiful but thought he wouldn't approve) young man he is. Sounds like he is a very bright one, too. Good parenting certainly tells.

  3. They do change lightning fast, don't they?

  4. They grow up so fast! He is so handsome! Hope he has another dog now. It is so sad to loose a beloved pet. My first dog was really my grandparents who lived next door. But after Fluffy had been gone a while my Grandparents gave me a sweet Boston Terrier who met the same fate as Sailor's beloved dog. Never stopped missing my Okie but my Granddaddy and Daddy went that Monday and got me another dog who lived to a ripe old age. My husband says when the ones we have now (our daughter's really but always lived with us and he knows he's ours and refused to move next door when ]they built nextdoor to us..LOL...and our S-I-L dog moved in with us....they say to get away from the kids but the kids are here days they work so I'm not sure...

  5. I just love this post! He is a handsome boy and growing inside as well as out. I can picture him reading through an atlas ... I have one like that but he's all grown up, now, inside and out! (2 more as well, but they weren't into atlases and biographies)


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