Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Lessons

There are so many little life lessons surrounding us every day if we only pause a moment here and there to observe them. I have had countless moments like that already from three main sources. Our children, animals, and nature. While none of those are meant to be worshipped they can help point to the One who is meant for that.

Starting today I will be doing the occasional post with little lessons I have seen or learned.

Growing up in a very "works" related religion and being constantly trying to be good enough it was such a joy to finally have the peace of knowing I truly belonged to Jesus.

I could have ended our story there but the life of a Christian isn't with out it's ups and downs.

It was several years after the night we had found Jesus and from somewhere I began to question am I really belonging to Him?  Did I have a true heart knowledge of Him or was it simply a head knowledge. I would read my Bible and say, "Yes, I believe." But then immediately the same question popped up. Do I believe with my whole heart or only know it in my head. It was a less than peaceful feeling going in circles like that day after day.

During that same time Sunbeam started something.  Every evening after our good-night hugs and tucking her into bed she would ask. "Mom, do you love me?" 

I would always answer. "Yes, I love you very much."  With that she would snuggle a little deeper under her covers and go to sleep.

I continued going in my own little circles and before long Sunbeam was coming to our bedroom door and knocking asking again. "Do you love me?"  I started feeling bad about it that she had to ask so often. There was nothing I could think of that could make her question that. And suddenly it was as if a light bulb came on.  What she was doing was exactly what I was doing. I was asking the same question of God everyday and His answer was as clear to me as the answer I was giving to Sunbeam multiple times a day.

So I was once again ready to rest in Him and not long after that Sunbeam no longer asked me if we loved her. 

A simple lesson of love and trust from our little daughter.


  1. I went through this too - I don't think it is uncommon for those of us coming out of a religion that does not teach salvation properly. We were attending a church where the pastor constantly asked "Do you know that you know that you know that you know.... that your saved?" It was a good thing to encourage us to examine our faith but it was relentless for a good while. I love how you came to terms with it and by sharing it someone may very well be able to put a similar problem to rest.

  2. God often uses my children to teach me things that He wants me to learn. That's such a beautiful illustration of assurance. Jesus said that no one can pluck us from the Father's hand. I've also heard that doubt isn't the opposite of belief; unbelief is. It's wonderful that our loving Heavenly Father assured you of His everlasting love through your sweet little girl.

  3. I've had many of these lessons since I became a child of Jesus. Our babies are often the ones who teach us. One example of that for me was when my 7 yr old daughter was in a basement room, when she noticed a garden snake in the window well on the other side of the glass. This snake had seen a toad that looked as if it would make a good lunch. The snake kept trying, but the toad kept hopping off, escaping. Finally the snake departed, and the toad was safe. She came upstairs to the kitchen to tell me the story, and she finished with, "Do you know what the moral of the story is, Mommy?" I asked, "what is it?" She said, "Good always wins over evil."
    (Later, when recalling this story, I've thought "Resist the devil, and he WILL flee from you." )

  4. I think we all question at times because we are insecure beings, until Christ swoops us into his arms. And we realize yet again that He never stopped loving us :)

  5. Isn't it awesome how He answers our concerns with our own lives? To have His grace and love displayed through your own child is a blessed gift from our Father. Thank you for sharing that gift with us.

  6. I believe God used your daughter to teach you that lesson. : )

  7. thinking about your post...its so truth..

  8. Wonderful lesson sister, and God teaches me so much from my surroundings, through all his creations, love this lesson dear and waiting to see your next one.
    God bless you


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