Friday, March 25, 2011


LV's parents came to stay with us for several weeks that fall. His Dad missed the farm and wanted to help with the corn picking and readying everything for winter.

I tried to find enough things to do in the house with his mother but found it quite stressful. Sailor seemed to know that I wasn't as relaxed as usual and became more fussy and took only short naps which didn't help me feel any more relaxed.

Once the day came for them to head home LV called a driver to take them to the bus station, and made sure that the driver was available for the rest of the day to take us celebrating our regained freedom of being alone. After we said our good-byes to his parents we went shopping at a few of our favorite stores. We bought our winter's supply of books and games and then headed to a more upscale restaurant. My Mom was baby sitting Sailor for the day so we didn't linger as long as we could have.

Checking for messages on our voicemail a few days later we had one from his mother telling us that LV's brother Vernon's little six month old baby had passed away. I couldn't imagine the pain they were feeling. I hugged Sailor more closely as we immediately made plans to go to the funeral.
To be continued~


  1. I remember my mom saying it was great to have them come sad to see them leave! They never overstayed their welcome but my father used to be afraid they would! I always missed our cousins, though ... we never had enough time together, no matter whose house we were at.

    How sad to get that message ... grief that can not be imagined and unexpected, too. Helps put everyday problems into perspective. I almost don't want to read your next blog post.... but I will.

    It's good to be caught up with your blog ... vacation was great but I missed our visits!

  2. aww so sad that they lost their precious baby. It's times like that that we realize just how fragile we all are in this world. I can't imagine any greater pain. Blessings, Joanne

  3. That is so sad! It´s gotta be terrible to loose a baby :-(

  4. That is such terribly sad news to hear, especially within the family. So sad.

  5. I had a cousin who lost her baby daughter, they called it crib death and I can't imagine how hard a trial that is to face.

  6. Happened upon your blog. Safe travels. And Oil Of Joy for mourning.

    I am super curious "what" you are now? Stop by to see me sometime...

    Jessica /

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. It has been a joy to be able to read your family stories. As I read about you life it brings back so many memories of my own. Maybe that is part of the reason we begin to connect with others is just how much we share in some areas. Please, I grieve for the loss of a child and pray the Lord has healed the grief. We have 3 in heaven, it tugs at ones heart even though the older now would be 39 years old this year. As you write of your in-laws, it reminds me of my own experiences with my in-laws. I had to split from them when they would not allow the name of Christ to be mentioned. It was the last straw for me. It still grieves me and I pray always for the Lord to open their eyes to their need of Him. Thank you again for sharing your life with us.
    Mrs. J.

  8. Oh, how dreadful. It certainly brings home to us how incredibly precious our children really are.

    CJ xx

  9. I think it's awfully difficult to feel as if you are accepted by inlaws, whether you are the daughter in law or the mother in law. Try as you will, it seems you can't do anything right. It all takes getting used to and adjusting one to another...just as a new baby in the family does.
    How sad for your family to lose a little one. I cannot imagine the hole in a mother's heart that such a loss brings.


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