Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Our church district needed another preacher in order to have enough preachers to ordain one of them to be the bishop of our local church. The weeks leading up to the ordination were sober as we wondered who would be chosen. It would be a big responsibility and change to who ever was ordained.

The day finally arrived and church seemed to drag on for the longest time. Finally after the last song was sung and the children were dismissed we all went outside and the doors were closed so that only the members would be there for the solemn event of voting and ordaining another preacher.

What seemed like a long time everyone came out of the church house and I could hardly wait to ask Mom and Daddy who the new preacher was. But when I saw Mom I could see that she was trying not to cry. On the way home they told us that Uncle John Henry was our new preacher.

I felt a little sorry for him but on the other hand I looked forward to hear him.

Several weeks later he preached his first sermon. It was really good and I looked forward to the next time it was his turn to preach.

A year or so later they ordained a bishop, chosen from the three preachers. Once again the lot fell on John Henry. I was happy to know my uncle would be performing all the important events. I still had several years to wait until I was old enough to be included in any of them but it was comforting to know once I was old enough it would be one of my favorite uncles performing the ceremonies.


  1. Interesting insight ... I just love your writes. TY for sharing.

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Interesting, as that's my brother-in-law. I didn't hear him preach many times but always enjoyed it when I did.

  3. I'm interested to know why your mom was crying. Was she touched and happy or did she think he wasn't up to the job? It sounds like he was a good preacher since YOU enjoyed him so much. I'd love to know what was behind the tears!

  4. I was sweating, thinking, oh no, it's going to be your dad!


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