Monday, February 8, 2010


One of the biggest regrets I have is, that I didn't have a camera when our children were babies. So many moments that have been lost because no one was there to capture the moment and preserve it for later years.

Several weeks ago we had family come visit for a little while, and this little guy was so cute and precious that I just had to share his photo with you.


We have had more snow and mud to deal with this winter than we have ever had since we live here in a part of the country that was supposed to be friendly during the winter. I'm really ready for spring and yet at the same time trying not to feel envious at the folks living where we used to, who are enjoying 36" of snow with more forecast for today.


I have this huge ivy plant that just keeps getting bigger. Every few months it will bloom, producing clusters of sweetly scented unique flowers. I would like to start a new plant from it and was hoping there are some people with a green thumb who can give me pointers on how to do that.

I have been plagued with spam comments for quite a while already and finally decided to quit allowing anonymous comments for a few weeks to see if that helps. I don't want to use word verification if I don't have to.


  1. Oh, that precious picture of that angelic child!

    I would love to know more about this plant when you find something out. It is gorgeous.

    Yup! Tomorrow another 12" on top of the 30" ... Yippee Skippy! I can hardly wait.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs, Marydon

  2. I think babies are God's way of sending us angels - don't you just stop for a minute and feel so good?

    Where did you live before where there is 36 inches of snow? Did I miss something? I'm in GA. Sorry I don't like snow...

    But I love that pretty ivy plant.

    Sorry about the spam - don't people have other things to do?


  3. I have a hoya plant like yours. I was given a cutting from my SIL's mom and I brought it home and rooted it in a glass of water. After rooting I planted it in soil and it grew quickly. Here is a link to a post showing the blooming progression.

    So nice visiting with you today!
    Kindly, ldh

  4. What a sweet baby. Sorry I can't help with your plant, I have no green thumb.
    My son is visiting so I am running late with my comments.
    Sunny :)

  5. Cute darling baby! Makes my mommy alarm go off but I'm past that stage. LOL

    My daughter started getting advertisement comments even though she moderates comments. Word verification may be all that can stop it.

  6. What a precious gift from God! Glad that you have a camera and can now take as many pictures as you want! I personally take around 300 pictures a month! lol I can't help it! I love taking pictures!

    Most of the blogs I follow have the word verification. I can't remember if I do or not! lol


  7. i don't have a green thumb so i have no advice to give you for the plant but it is beautiful! the baby, darling!!!

  8. Oh my gosh that baby is just so beautiful..I am so envious of that Ivy plant wow that thing is just wonderful, I wish I knew what to say about planting a piece from it but I have no idea, Im not good with indoor plants, I have one english ivy plant I decided to try and so far the lil thing is still living lol, you have a good day! Hopefully the spammers will leave you alone :o)

  9. What a cute little baby - almost looks like a doll!! Now I want another one...not gonna happen, but I can still want. Don't you just love to hold them and snuggle their little heads? I have the ungreenest thumbs ever, but the flowers it produces are beautiful ~ somebody will know what to do. ♥

  10. Good luck discouraging your spammer.

    The baby photo is precious! Digital cameras make it so nice for parents now days.

  11. What a beautiful baby. It is snowing here and I don't think I'll ever be warm again. Then summer will come and I will complain about the heat. Your ivy is beautiful. I'll bet it will start with a cutting in water. It might even start with a cutting planted in very rich, loose, soil kept moist. Good luck. I look forward to seeing the results.

  12. What a sweet little bundle of joy, he looks positively angelic! I can't imagine not having photos of my boys as babies, toddlers, teens etc. I look back often and wonder where the time has gone. I'm sure as all mothers you carry images in your heart that will stay with you always, I tell my sons they will not truly understand the depth of that love until they have children of their own. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog and to leave a comment, it was much appreciated!

  13. A hoya is easily rooted in water. Make sure a node is submerged. Mine came from a cutting from Gran years ago and though I see your hoya is clearly happy and blooming, my understanding is they bloom best when root bound....? and yes delightfully fragrant!

  14. Well I had a camera when my kids were little but the photo's back then were of such poor quality..ugh. Now with digital and photoshop and all the creative ways that pictures are taken it makes those old pictures look really....OLD - ha ha.

    This baby is precious!

  15. That baby is so precious I can practically feel him in my arms.

    I will be forever grateful to the family who had cameras and took pictures of those who didn't. And even more grateful to those who kept the pictures and passed them on. You could be one of those people for your family.

  16. What a precious baby and a beautiful photo.

  17. I do enjoy looking at pictures of my children when they were younger. I have lots...but barely any of my twins. I was just too overwhelmed. What a beautiful baby in your pic.

    If putting a cutting in water won't produce roots, try dipping a cut end into growth hormone (in the garden section) and plant in damp soil. Keep in a dark, cool room. Keep moist.

    My mennonite friend, Lucy Zimmerman, can make ANYTHING grow! She gave me the above tip and I used it to grow healthy crepe myrtles from a single leaf.

    I've lived in Maryland most of my life...and this is highly unusual weather.

    Around here, (Loveville, MD) there is always a race amongst the plain people to see who gets their peas planted first. No one is planting yet...and two years ago today the Mast family had peas a foot high!

    Thanks for a lovely post.

  18. What a beautiful child! I miss having babies around.

  19. Could you please school me in how not to allow anonymous comments? I am so tired of them.

  20. Re Shelley:

    It is really quite easy to no longer allow anonymous comments. On your dashboard select the "Settings" tab. Once that pops up select the "comments" tab. In the section where it asks you who can comment select registered users. Then click Save Settings at the bottom of the page. Simple and so far has solved my problem with spammers.

  21. The baby picture is just precious. When I see a little one I always want to hold it. My granddaughter is expecting in July so I will have to wait till then.
    Your plant is called Hoya, or Hawaiian Wax Plant. I had one several years ago and it grew all around my window. I finally gave it to my daughter. I'm not sure how to start new plants from it but I wonder if layering may be the answer. I think you can find out how on the internet.
    I hope your snow leaves soon so you can see the new little flowers poking their noses through the earth.
    Keep warm dear.

  22. Both the picture of the baby boy and the flowers are wonderful.

  23. Oh wow. Those ivy blooms are gorgeous.

    And so is that cute little babe.

  24. I have a hoya that my brother (who died 2006) gave me when it was practically dead. Its blooms are so beautiful and perfect and all star shaped. It means so much to me now with him being gone, and I am always watching for the special blooms when they're teeny tiny. I checked your comments so I can learn how to perhaps grow a new one, as this one's leaves are quite yellow and I've never repotted it in many yrs. I never thought of it as an ivy. ;o)


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