Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Glimpse

Today the children and I were invited to an all day birthday celebration for one of my best friend's little girl. We had a great time. I went armed with my camera because there never fails to be something there that is photo worthy.
It kind of backfired on me though when Sailor stole a picture of me holding her little dog.

Now there's something you might not know about me........... I really, really don't enjoy being in front of a camera. Well actually that part isn't as bad as seeing the results of me being in front of a camera.

I can't believe that I'm actually doing this and hope I don't lose too many readers because of this. But here I am enjoying my friend's little dog "Skipper"

And don't worry it will be a long time before I post another picture of me.

I'll be attending a wedding tomorrow. I had planned to take the camera along but I'm rethinking
it now.


  1. Don't you dare leave your camera at home tomorrow!! I am EXACTLY the same way about pictures - I don't want to see the results. Then I start to thinking that maybe it'll give the kids a good memory or two if they have at least one picture of me! :) By the way, you're adorable and you know as well as I do, we all wonder what our blog friends look like! Thanks for sharing - I'm glad you did.

  2. Thanks for posting your picture. You have come a long ways since you were a little Amish girl.

  3. thanks for sharing the picture of you. Maybe it's your Amish upbringing behind you being uncomfortable in front of a camera. Hope to see more pictures of yourself in the future.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day -- it's nice to meet you! And what a great day to meet you because I get to see you too! You are beautiful and I can totally relate to the mom behind the camera rather than in front of it thing...I have to consciously remind myself that my kids will NEED to have photos of me someday and so I try to grin and bear it...occasionally...:o)

    Have a great weekend. I look forward to visiting again.


  5. I enjoyed meeting you! Pictures of me on my own blog are few and far between, but they're there! I never like photos of myself! I am so glad you posted this!

  6. You are beautiful even with your shy smile. I think we honor God when we show our joyful spirits. When someone wants to take your picture, give 'em what you got!
    By the way, thank-you for your comments on my blog. It meant so much.

  7. O! Thank you for stepping into a place of discomfort. I absolutely abhor having my picture taken because I'm afraid it looks just like me. But I (try) to realize others aren't nearly as horrified as I am. They see me all the time! lol

    You have such a beautiful, serene face (and a little twinkle in your eye!). I'd love to sit right across from you and share tea and stories together. I would love to enjoy that face for a good long visit. :)

  8. I'm so glad you shared the picture--it's nice to have a face to go along with the name☺

  9. I think most of us who blog are 'behind the camera type of people' but as has pointed out to me a few times over the last couple of months - having pictures of yourself is a fabulous thing for your children to have. Even more wonderful is pictures of you WITH your children.


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