Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Today Joyce is doing a throwback with questions she used from the very first Wednesday Hodgepodge.


 1. How did you name your blog and do you now wish you had thought about it maybe another five minutes before hitting publish? Would you change your blog title if it were not a huge pain in the derriere? 

When I started my blog I looked around for inspiration. The girls had the entire living room floor covered in pictures they had cut out of catalogs for their paper dolls and in another room Kenneth had set up a vast farming operation with his toys. The house was far from perfect in that condition, but it was happy - and so - on a whim - A Joyful Chaos was born.

I don't mind the name, and haven't ever considered trying to change it.

2. What bill do you least like to pay? 

I don't enjoy paying any bills, but my least favorite is probably our phone bill. It's part of our internet package, but it feels like a waste every month because the landline calls we receive are 99% telemarketers and spam.

3. What is your favorite word? Okay okay, calm down. How about one of your favorite words? 

You would think this would be easy since Steven usually asks me questions about my favorite things every single day. 

I think my favorite word is Mom or some variation of it. Mom, Mumsy, Mama - all three are used regularly at our house.

Being a mother has been the best "job" and I love being called Mom.

4. Is the glass half full or half empty? Elaborate. 

I'd like to think it's half full. Usually when I take the time to look there is so much to be thankful for, even amid hard times.

5. Were you here for that very first Hodgepodge post? If so, were your answers then similar to what they are today? Tell us what was happening in your life in November of 2010? 

I wasn't here in the beginning of the Hodgepodge. I joined it for the first time a little over a year later and have participated in 236 of them so far.

In November of 2010 we were in Missouri finishing up a logging contract while staying in an empty house with only the bare necessities. 

That experience makes me think I could thrive in a minimalistic lifestyle, but I don't have the courage to actually take that leap and get rid of most of our things.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

You would think with my appreciation of the minimalistic lifestyle the following conversation would not have happened yesterday.

Me: I absolutely love Calico Critters. If I ever have a "just for fun" collection of something, I would like to collect Calico Critter families.

Rosie Mae: They are super adorable. You should someday.

Me: I won't be mad if you give me the start of my collection for Christmas.

Sigh ... I need to refocus. Fewer things is the way to go, I know it, but still - they're so cute!


  1. I don't think I know what Calico Critters are? Thank you for joining in the Hodgepodge...a joyful chaos is such a great descriptor of long as we choose the joyful part of course : ) Have a nice day!

  2. Fun post to read! I especially liked learning how you chose your blog name. I also enjoyed your description of how you were living in November 2010, with only the bare necessities. That's kind of how our little camp is ... but mostly we like it that way.

  3. Loved reading your answers today, especially the blog name.

  4. Loved your answers. How you named your blog is wonderful, and I love what your favourite word is.

  5. What are Calico Critters?

    I liked your answers

  6. I think we've got a few Calico Critters around here from when our daughter was a wee girl. She's married now and left them behind. I like the name of your blog and the reason you were inspired. Happy Hodgepodge.

  7. I like your answer about being called some version of Mom. My 3 kids all called me Mama, although no one else ever did, until they went to school and I loved it!

  8. I had to look up calico cute. I don't really collect much of anything anymore, when we were first married, I collected geese and had a corningware set that had geese on it. Then it was apples, and then I just stopped. I never had a lot of any of those things, but every now and then I think it would be fun to collect something. I enjoyed your answers.


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