Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tires / Clocks

    Having interesting requests from customers was nothing unusual in our little woodworking business. We used to try to do our best to make the visions they had for special pieces of furniture come true.

    One day several men stopped in. They unloaded a tire from the back of their pickup truck and rolled it into the shop. 

    They proceeded to tell us how this was a special tire. One that had been used on a car at one of the Nascar races and that they would like to have us make a clock with it.

    They explained how they envisioned it and told us what they would be willing to pay for it. 

    The tire they brought along was only the first of what they hoped would be hundreds of clocks we would make for them.

    The opportunity sounded great, but before my parents would commit to this they wanted to think it over.

    The guys agreed, and left, leaving the tire there until they would come back to get their answer.

    I was excited about the prospect. I could see myself helping with this project, and the possibility of making hundreds if not thousands of clocks … well, the math was good.

    Dad and Mom weren’t that excited about it though. Race car tires! What if that would cause their children to become interested in sports or even worse, cars! No amount of money was worth that they decided and told the guys that we would not be making the clocks. 

    I’ve often wondered if they ever did find someone to make clocks for them, and if it was a successful venture.

    Sadly for my parents, turning down that opportunity did not keep their children Amish. Though I do not regret leaving, I do feel bad for the heartache I know they have carried because of our decision.


  1. Have none of your siblings remained Amish?

  2. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for your parents, but you must do what you feel is right for you.

  3. It's never easy when children don't follow your faith, but you studied the WORD and then did what you heart told you was right. The Bible is clear on the path of salvation. Two of our three children have left the Christian faith completely and it breaks our hearts. Ultimately though, they will stand before God themselves and explain why they made the decisions they did. They were taught well as children and we cling to the promise in Proverbs 22:6 "Train children in the way they should go; when they grow old they won't depart fron it." Our fervent hope is that one day they will return to the Lord. You have turned TO the Lord and not manmade rules. Your parents will always love you.

  4. Betsy, thank you for this today. I needed to hear your comment. As parents we often wonder if we did enough, teach correctly, guide properly. Then it's time to let go.

  5. Knowing you caused your parents heart ache is a big burden to carry but God is with you and would tell you to leave the burden with him. I think we all hurt our parents at some point. It’s all part of the circle of life. your Parents will always love you and probably know deep down that your decision was obedient.
    How cool a tire clock would be made by Amish hands. But I respect that they stood their ground.


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