Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Raising a Baker

    I should have known she would become our resident bread baker some day. 
    From the time she was a wee little girl, Sharon loved anything to do with yeast doughs, and would always try to help me when ever it was time to bake breads.

    Roles almost seem to be reversed now, as I tiptoe into the kitchen and peek over her shoulder to see what her latest creation will be. 
    At this point I've lost count of the number of different breads, rolls, and related treats that have been produced by her capable hands.
    This afternoon she is doing a side by side comparison of cinnamon rolls. One batch she's using Pioneer Woman's recipe, while the other will be made with a donut recipe that she decided to turn into cinnamon rolls.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how they compare.
    There may be things I wish I could go back and do differently from their childhood years, but one thing I'll never regret is how I always welcomed them to "help" even when it slowed me down. 
    Those few years of inconvenience have paid off way more than I ever realized they would at that time.


  1. When my girls were little I'd let them make up their own recipes. I'd suggest adding leaving, etc., but mostly just let them "do their thing". One concoction - I think it was a cake - was tasty, but even my little baker admitted it was "chewy". And you're right - they all love to cook.

  2. So fun!! 😄 Cinnamon rolls sound very tasty. 😋

  3. You are an amazing mother! Just ask your family!!! Let us know which recipe she likes best and SHARE!

  4. I love this post. It's funny...our daughter never, ever wanted to be in the kitchen but our youngest son was always helping. When she lived on her own she rarely cooked, but once she was married, oh boy! She's a gourment cook now and they rarely eat out for any reason. She makes the best meals for their little family and works two jobs as well!
    Our youngest son lived on his own for 13 years and still does most of the cooking as he travels a lot and has two homes in Japan and one in London. He has been known to call me at 1:00 am our time to ask how to make oatmeal "like Dad's" or tuna casserole because he was homesick for food from home. He can cook just about anything now. I ask both of them for advice sometimes. Now, our middle son is not interested in anything except eating the finished product! :-)
    I hope you share the results of the experiment.

  5. i love this! and teh cinnamon rolls sound so good! has she tried sourdough yet??

  6. I can relate to this. My granddaughter 'helped' me with baking from the time she was 2 and now hs taken over and does much of the baking on her own.

  7. My mouth started watering at the mention of a donut recipe turned into cinnamon rolls. Your kitchen must smell amazing :)

  8. My stomach is growling with just the thought of such yummies.

  9. The doughnut recipe turned in to cinnamon rolls sounds very tasty. She sounds like she's very skilled in the kitchen.


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