Friday, January 17, 2020


Reading ... in my Bible, this morning, I Peter. In other reading, I just finished up a book on old fashioned home remedies. It was both horrifying and hilarious. And it made me wonder, in several hundred years, what will people be looking back at and shaking their heads that we ever thought such and such was a good idea?

I have a stack of recommended books sitting here waiting on me. I had requested them from the library over a period of more than a month, but somehow a whole batch of them arrived at the same time. It should keep my evenings full for a little while. I may share the ones I find I really liked, and maybe give mention to any that were a definite no.

Watching ... Worst Cooks in America. It motivates me to make sure all our children know how to cook. They all do, but practicing and adding to our skills doesn't hurt.

Listening ... to Sharon practice her latest assignment from her piano teacher, Steven talking to himself as he's trying to decide which book he wants to read next, the hum of the furnace blower running, and the clicky noise the keyboard makes as I type.

Wearing ...  a gray patterned skirt and a pink-ish shirt. And my coat. I get cold after eating and my coat was closer than my robe, so coat it is.

Eating ... for breakfast I had avocado toast, and for lunch we'll be having leftover chili from last night.

Cooking ... I haven't decided what I'll make for supper tonight, which is different since I usually plan a week's worth of menus at a time. For some reason the thought of cooking tonight makes me feel like saying, "but ... but ... but, I just cooked last night! And thousands of meals before that."

I'm sure inspiration will come to me before long, but right now the desire to cook has left me. I don't care for that feeling.

Cleaning ... I like adding something along the lines of deep cleaning in addition to our regular housekeeping every week. This week it's taking apart the faucets to do a deep clean on them and make them sparkle from the inside out.

Playing ... we've been playing a lot of 'Sleeping Queens' lately. It's fun and fast. Two of my favorite things in games.

Loving  ... the waterfall. I'm not even going to complain about the lack of snow, even though January is not the ideal month for things to begin looking a little green. Even the daffodils have started to grow.


  1. I enjoy your writings. The way you explain what is going on, makes me feel like I could be right there. Love that last picture. It looks so peaceful.

  2. I have often thought about how we laugh at things that were done or happened in the past, but we will be the brunt of that laughter someday in the future.
    I always enjoying reading your "currently" thoughts. And, by the way, we have plenty of snow to share. As of January 15 we already had twice of our normal January total snowfall.

  3. Your day sounds wonderful! I love the old remedies, Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, can you please tell us which pies you make each week? I think it would be fun to try something like that.

  5. We haven't had any snow worth mentioning in the Baltimore area, but we're supposed to get a few inches tonight and tomorrow. The temp is supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow afternoon, so it won't amount to much. The kids won't even miss a day of school. A total waste of a snowstorm!

  6. I know that feeling with the cooking. But when you make yourself get up and make the dinner, afterwards you know it's worth it. Anyway, everything else makes it sound like you were having a wonderful day.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day. I do wonder what the next generations will think of some of our modern ideas of today.


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