Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Reading ... through the book of Acts in the Bible, as well as a few Psalms.

I don't have a fiction book going at the moment, but in nonfiction I'm really liking You Who: Why You Matter and How to Deal With It by Rachel Jankovic.  Besides it I have a stack of Taste of Home cookbooks that I'm looking at, choosing recipes, and creating menus and shopping lists. I love how every recipe I have ever tried from Taste of Home has always turned out well. They may not be the trendiest, but they're delicious!

Listening ... to the sound of an exuberantly happy bird singing in the tree here in front of the house. Sharon and Steven chattering away as they make the beds in the boys' room. The soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen. And the loud ticking of the clock on the wall next to me.

Watching ... not exactly watching, but I am glancing out the window every so often to see the progress that is being made on tearing out the fence around the cow pasture. A new one will replace it, but right now I'm liking how things look without a fence.

Cooking ... for supper tonight I'm planning to have Mexican rice and enchiladas. It's a family favorite that I like making several times a month, and today feels like the right time.

Cleaning ... other than the daily dozen, we're adding in a bigger task or two each day. Today that happens to be wiping the baseboards on the main level of the house and washing the windows.

Playing ... Lumberjack. It's Steven's favorite game and he requests it every day. We don't play it quite every day, but that doesn't keep him from suggesting it hopefully every evening.

Loving ... the weather we're having. We finally had a nice soaking rain, and now the skies are blue, the air is crisp, and the sun is shining brightly. Combining it with colorful red, orange, and yellow leaves, is it any wonder that I love fall so much?!

Disliking ... this cold virus thing we picked up somewhere. Sharon was determined she is not going to get it, and managed to avoid it for a week, but she has joined the rest of us now with all the coughing, sneezing, sore throat wonder that this virus provides.

Crafting ... Steven has been cutting up empty cardboard boxes to build himself a hot-wheel track for his cars. It's messy ... and totally fits my blog name.


  1. Sounds like fun.

  2. Your home sounds like a contented place to be, a place to sit back and just enjoy life as it happens.

  3. I love the Taste Of home cookbooks. Years ago, I used to get the hardcover books. I have not heard of Lumberjack. The weather is finally actually looking like October!

  4. I also enjoy the Taste of Home. We don't eat much meat, but they have some really good vegetarian recipes.

    We had one day of rain, after a solid month of drought, and the temps have dropped into the lower 70s and upper 60s during the day. Wonderful weather!

  5. Sorry you all god a cold/flu virus thing. The rest of it sounds great though.

  6. Good ole Taste of Home. I have had all the old ones more than one time. I would go to Goodwill and buy up whatever they had, re-enjoy them, eventually take them all back to donate. Then, a few yrs later do it again. It is kind of nostalgic for me, I guess. Just the old ones. I liked the featured stories in it as much as the recipes. Looking at who all the editors were and what they were about. There were no advertisements then. I have gotten some of the newer ones. I have a few old paper type cookbooks from the 70's and 80's, from my mom's collections. She ran a high school cafeteria and catering service and had a lot of cookbooks and it is bitter sweet to look at them for me. Most of the tastes of home I had were from the 90's, but they had similar feel to them. So many of the recipes used soups for creaminess - that was a big thing back then!! I imagine some people still do that nowadays, but I make my own cream bases now.


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