Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Reading ... this may sound boring, but I have been enjoying a stack of books by various authors that recommend other books. I'm busy taking notes and planning out the reading list for our upcoming school year.

Then there is of course the stack of books from the library that Steven and I read together. He's especially enjoying the Mr. Putter and Tabby series this week.

Watching ... all the birds at the bird feeder outside the kitchen window. I especially like the gold finches and the cardinals, but enjoy seeing all the different birds. We have a wide variety that enjoy hanging around. The pair of cardinals we have is one of the sweetest though. The male will go get a seed from the feeder and then take it to his "wife" for her to eat. No words to really describe that except ... Awww! So sweet!

Listening ... to the sound of conversation and laughter as the girls are discussing something that is obviously hilarious.

Cooking ... for lunch we enjoyed homemade pasta in a cream garlic sauce. Delicious! For supper we'll have a salad for all of us. I have steak thawing for LV and Kenneth, and the rest of us will enjoy leftover pasta.

Cleaning ... the storage room. We're almost done. We approached it with more of a heartless mindset this time. Things that the only time we see or touch them is when we clean the storage room are being donated or thrown out. I was hanging on to a lot of sentimental things, but taking pictures of the best of them and then getting rid of the items actually feels good.

No one needs the empty candy boxes from when LV and I were courting. Board books, toys, wedding gifts we haven't used in twenty years. Time to say bye-bye to all of it!

I tried selling some of the better things on ebay, but that is proving to be a joke, so donate it is.

This afternoon I'll be dropping off this hand cranked bread dough mixer. It was a wedding gift. I think I used it once or twice. I prefer making bread dough with a bowl and a wooden spoon. So it's bye - bye space hog.

Social media ... I'm doing a post on Instagram every day. Feel free to follow me there.

Later today ... I'll have to go to the bank to sign some papers to straighten out a headache we found out about yesterday afternoon. I didn't have enough time to make it in before they closed, but they were able to freeze what needed to be frozen until I get there today to sign the necessary paperwork.

It's all annoying, but I'm thankful for the way our bank takes care of problems like this.

Yesterday ... we had our annual homeschool evaluations done. Woohoo!! It's always nice to have those done for the year.

Crafts ... it's the time of year when there are so many options of flowers to dry. Did you know using a microwave to dry them works beautifully? It also preserves the lovely colors in the process.


  1. You sound oh so busy. I have started taking pictures of many of my sentimental items.I have not gotten rid of very many, but that time will come no doubt and then I'll have the pictures.

  2. My mum had one of those bread mixers. I haven't seen one in eons! When I was working fulltime I made bread three days a week - it's a great way to work off frustration - but the girls gave me a DAK bread machine one year, and I use that now. The machine does the hard part and I shape the dough and bake it.

  3. I'm in the process of purging too. Trying to do a bit of EBay. We'll see how that goes. We really need the cash flow.
    I so enjoy your blog.

  4. Please explain how to use the microwave to dry flowers as I would like to try to do this. Thank you, Carolyn Gilbert

    1. I will try to do a tutorial with the next batch of flowers I dry.


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