Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Attic Finds

     One of the interesting things about cleaning the attic this time, other than how long it's been taking us, is watching the girls go through their childhood treasures and deciding what to keep, toss, or donate.
    We only work in the attic in the mornings before it gets too hot up there, and since everything is getting touched, and read, and reminisced over it's taking much longer than originally anticipated.
     I'm keeping most of their school writing projects that they read, laughed over, and then were going to toss. I'll treasure them for years, and I'm assuming someday they will be glad I saved them.
     I also snagged a few of their hand stitched doll clothes from where they tossed them in the trash after they were done reminiscing about all the fun they had making them and laughing at the crooked stitches they used to make.

     I have discovered it's much harder parting with their childhood things, than it was parting with my own.


  1. It's lovely to keep things that your children have made. I still have little sewing projects done by my three when they were at school, and they are treasured!

  2. I see the weak link in this decluttering process.

  3. Oh the memories these items hold! Yes, of course in time the girls will be happy that you kept them.


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