Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Verse

     "I'll have to buy a new Bible," Kenneth announced when he came home from church. 
      "What happened with yours?" I asked.
      "There's this young man who has been attending church for the past few weeks, and when he told me he doesn't own a Bible, I gave him mine."
       Part of me felt happy that he would cheerfully part with the Bible he had treasured for years already, while a selfish part of me felt sad that he would give away his good Bible we had given him.
      So this week, I went Bible shopping and bought him a new one. It doesn't have the same memories attached, but the words are the same, and I pray he will continue loving the word of God, and growing in his faith and walk with Christ.
      The Bible he had given away was the one I had mentioned in a post on my now closed, second blog.
     Here's an excerpt from that post:
    When our oldest son had a good grip on reading he could be found with his nose in a history book or the Bible. He didn't care much for fiction books even though we had shelves filled with books I had hoped he would enjoy someday.
     When he was eight we got him his first quality Bible and he was thrilled. For the next several months when ever someone stopped by our house he would wait for an opportunity and proudly show them his Bible, and then read his favorite verse to them. Proverbs 7:27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.
     The first time he read that verse to someone I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. When it didn't I simply pasted a weak smile on my face and managed to steer the conversation to more pleasant paths.
     I wrestled with what I should do. How do I tell my son not to have that as his favorite verse? And why did he choose that one to begin with? I decided not to address the specific verse and instead try to get him to appreciate some more appropriate verses as his favorite. I didn't want to in any way put the thought into his head that part of the Bible is not good.
     Fast forward seven years. He still loves reading his Bible, and last night when my husband and I were heading to bed, we paused for a moment outside our boys bedroom door where I listened to our fifteen year old son read a few chapters of the Bible to his three year old brother., and then explain what he had read. I had to blink back tears of joy as I heard our three year old say, "More, read more!" when his brother announced it was time to sleep.
    Seeing them love God's Word makes this Mama's heart glad. And so happy that I didn't squash his love of the Bible back when the verse he loved the most embarrassed me to no end.
     My prayers are that, that Bible will bless the young man who owns it now.


  1. Your cup is running over!

  2. Oh how sweet and kind of your son to give away his Bible!

  3. He's exhibiting what he's read in His trusty Bible that enabled him to give it away. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  4. How generous your son is to give away his Bible, and kind that he reads the Bible to his brother.

  5. What a wonderful young man you have raised to gladly give away his bible to someone in need. You are indeed blessed.

  6. What an amazing teen! Many parents would love the fact that their teen son would consider someone else's feelings instead of their own. You have a right to be proud. Show them the way, is my theory of raising children to be productive members of society!

  7. I absolutely love this! He is exhibiting exactly what the Bible tells us to do. And what a good brother to so patiently read to his little brother. And that the little one wants more of God's Word. You are definitely doing something right in raising your children!

  8. I take a lesson from your son. We love our bibles. I wonder what impression that made on the person who received that bible? God will work with that for years to come. Plus you telling about it affected each person who read this today. Nothing is ever wasted.
    God bless!

  9. How blessed you, as parents, are! You could not ask for more in a child. He, too, is blessed to be a member of the family he was born to.
    Love this.

    Loretta Shumpert

  10. Your son has such a tender heart. Giving away God's word will bless your son and the person he gave it to.
    Love his "favorite" verse from long ago.
    Did he ever tell you why it was his favorite?


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