Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Reading ... in the Bible I'm making my way slowly through the book of Ezekiel. It's more of a hard read for me, and I'm having to read chapters from the Psalms and the New Testament as I wade my way through the heaviness of Ezekiel.

I have a stack of library books here that I'm working my way through. I'm almost done with Hands Free Mama (great book) and am looking forward to some light fiction next.

There is also a big stack of children's books that I read to Steven. He's leaning more and more toward independent reading, but as long as he still enjoys having me read to him, I'm going to continue.

Listening ... to the roar of the waterfall. We've been having a lot of rain the past few days and the waterfall increased in volume, both in water and noise. 

Cooking ... we'll be have tuna cakes and coleslaw for supper tonight. It's actually a lot better than it sounds.

Thinking ... how blessed we are with caring friends. On Friday evening Sharon fell and broke her wrist. Seeing everyone rally around her was so touching!

On the phone ... one of my Amish brothers is calling quite regularly. He is working on an invention and since he doesn't have a computer he will call and ask me to do all his online searches for him. The things he has me search for and read to him go right over my head. It's painfully boring! 

Later today ... I will be working on preparing the portfolios that I need to show to our home school evaluator for our children's upcoming end of the school year evaluations. I'm always glad when that is done for another year!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Sharon hurt her wrist. Prayers for a swift healing for her.
    I love that you still read to Steven. I always read to our kids as long as they would let me.

  2. Ezekiel is a heavy book to read, glad you soften it with the Psalms.
    I just plowed through Hebrews...that was heavy for me..glad to move on to James.
    We had leftovers for dinner tonight. Mother's Day meal all over again...pretty tasty the second time around.
    Ham, mashed potatoes, carrots and string beans and green salad..now I'm stuffed.

  3. I love the book of Psalms. Never read through Ezekiel though.
    Tuna cakes sound delicious actually.


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