Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Reading ... In the Bible, I'm enjoying reading through Matthew again. In fiction, nothing for myself at the moment. I have a big stack of children's library books here that I am reading to Steven. He has found himself a new favorite. Digger Dog. I've lost track how often I've read it to him. He's been reading it to me, and he has had the rest of the family each read it to him several times. I love how excited he gets about the ending every single time, even though he know exactly what is going to happen. In non fiction I've been reading books we'll be doing in school to help me better prepare the extras I want to add to their lesson plans. In other reading there have been letters, emails, and several blog posts.

Writing ... My writing so far this week has been blog posts, emails, and text messages. Nothing that great or exciting.

Playing ... Mancala. Steven has been on a kick of playing round after round. I enjoy it a lot so I don't mind.

Watching ... we recorded Food Network Star, but I find it so cringe worthy that I'm not even sure why I watch it. There's no one competing that I would really love watching if they got their own show, so maybe I just need to quit watching it now. I can think of a lot of better ways to use my time.

Listening ... to an Eastern Towhee sing loudly, right outside my window. So pretty!

Cooking ... I have some lovely bell peppers in the refrigerator waiting to be used. I'm thinking, for supper tonight, I may stuff them with a meat, rice, and cheese mixture. Lunch is looking like a surprise casserole where I take all the recent leftovers and create something new and yummy with them.

Eating ... Rosie Mae has been experimenting with brownies, tweaking things here and there trying to find something that comes close to being as fudgy as the ones that come from a mix has been challenging. She tried another batch yesterday. They were definitely the closest she's ever come to matching them, and she already knows what she wants to try to do differently next time.

Drinking ... still water. Sweet, fresh, cold water from our well is still my favorite.

Crafting ... nothing at the moment, though I have been gathering some things together for our next day of crafts. Really looking forward to it.

Wearing ... a maxi dress. I had bought it online in hopes to wear it to my brother's wedding, but when it arrived and I tried it on, it was not at all what I had envisioned. It's super comfortable though and perfect for wearing around the house.

Loving ... wild strawberries. We discovered a huge patch of them. Even though they're tiny and ever so time consuming to pick and prepare, fresh strawberries and shortcake can't be beat.



  1. Surprise casserole! I like that idea. When we have leftovers, I put them into carryout containers, and then we "play restaurant".

  2. Mmm! The brownies sound fabulous. When we were kids mom would send us out with a cereal bowl to the ditch and we would pick fresh strawberries. We did this daily and mom would make shortcake or jam. I can't begin to think how long it took us kids to pick that many back then. Good thing we didn't know any better. haha~ Now we head to the berry patch which will be opening up this weekend up here in Northern MN. Wendy

  3. Wild strawberries are the best. So worth the trouble of picking those small but delicious berries.

  4. I made chocolate chip shortbread for strawberry shortcakes. I love this too short time of year.

  5. I remember sitting and reading books to my sons when they were small. They always had their favorites that we read over and over again. Strawberry shortcake sounds delicious!


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